June 10, 2012

Having fun but missing Daddy!

We are only 2 weeks into our summer vacation at Nannee and Pappaws and we have already made a ton of memories to carry back to Georgia.

We have hit up all of our favorite places to eat (some of them SEVERAL times) and I am sure we have gained some weight in the process. We have taken advantage of the cooler climate and spent most days playing outside (rare for us to do in GA because of the extreme heat and gnats). Brody has ran around naked enjoying time in the sprinklers and his mini pool on the porch. Pappaw spoiled him by buying him at mini conga (this now makes the kid a one man band; he has a guitar with amp, microphone, keyboard and a drumset). He was a patient shopper while Mom and I did our Goodwill shopping runs even telling us our items were pretty! He was a happy camper when he found his very own treasure; a firetruck.

No telling what the next 2 weeks will hold...I am sure whatever it is will be a blast!

Although we have had a lot of fun and giggles we do miss Daddy and can't wait to see him in two weeks! Brody will have so much to tell him that I hope Mike has hours to spare to listen to it all. We can't wait to hug his neck and give him kisses, too.

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