January 23, 2012

Tryouts Take 2

Today is the day that all a parents (or at least me) dread....their child trying out for a school team. I turn into a ball of nerves and pace the floors all day hoping and praying for my child to come home with a huge smile saying she made the team.

Today while having coffee with Susie we agreed that it's harder on the parent than the child. Wonder why that is? I guess it's because you never want your child to fail and you never want to see a dream they have crushed. You want them to attain any goal they set for themselves.

Victoria has been conditioning at school for soccer for about 2.5 weeks and today is the start of try-outs for the JV squad at LCHS. My little girl is big enough to play a sport in highschool....say it ain't so! Wow. time. flies.

After saying a prayer and keeping my fingers crossed I hope I have good news to share very soon. They were not told how long tryouts would last so I am hoping it's a quick process and not one that will leave me with no finger nails left or a floor to pace on!

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