July 30, 2012

Holy Hurricane

Today has been a whirlwind of....bad luck and/or timing depending on who you ask in our family! This "storm" can pass as quickly as it approached in my opinion.

1. The upstairs A/C unit went out yesterday and the temps have been above 95 degrees! The kids bedrooms are upstairs so poor Victoria had to sleep on the couch and Brody slept with us. Like most kids he tossed, turned and kicked all night long....unfortunately on my side of the bed!

2. See above. I had to wait on the A/C guy today and unfortunately the part we need will not be in until tomorrow afternoon so this means another restless night of sleep. Sigh.

3. Alex is sick.....with some unknown GI ailment so he is basically stuck in his kennel until the nasty poop subsides and is back to what it's supposed to be (sorry if TMI). I have cleaned up more dog poop today than I have stinky diapers and that is a big downer for me.

4. See above. Alex is sick which meant a vet visit....a $200 vet visit and all I got was a mystery diagnosis with an antibiotic and 3 cans of nasty dog food.

5. My child has been a holy terror the past 2 days. We never really dealt with the "Terrible 2's" so I guess we are dealing with the "Terrible 4's"!!! He refuses to listen to me and nothing is working....pops on the rear, the evil eye, the serious voice and time outs have not even phased the kid. I am at a loss as what to do.

6. See above. My child is nuts. School does not start for another month that means one crazy Momma by the end of August!

I think that is all I can really bitch about for today but it's still early (6 pm) however, it's been enough to drown myself in a beer. Cheers!

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