July 30, 2012

Birthday Bash-ing

Brody's 4th Birthday bash....I think not. It was an epic fail (at least I felt that way)! I was so excited to celebrate his Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's because that is all that came out of his mouth for over a month. He couldn't stop talking about the mouse, the pizza and the games....this was going to be the best part EVER.....not.

Little did I know that my child does.not.do structure! He wanted to play games, skip the pizza and mouse and go straight for the cupcakes and presents. Figures.

I was completely mortified when my child broke down in tears and a full blown tantrum in front of our party guests. I know that they were all there because, they too, had children of their own but it was still embarrassing. I thought Mike was going to blow a gasket any second and he was literally on the verge of leaving!

One thing I did learn from this experience is that toddlers do not do well with structure (CC's is on a timeline so they kind of push you along) and maybe "home thrown" birthday parties are best until your kid gets older! Too bad this was my one and only learning experience...as some of you know, Brody is my last!

I was really bummed that I didn't capture a lot of photo's! He was misbehaving so bad that my main focus was to keep calm and well, carry on! The camera was the least of my worries when it came down to it. I did get a few so at least I can put *something* in his baby book!

In the end he was all smiles and really did enjoy being surrounded by games and his friends. Next year we may just stick with a good ole' backyard BBQ and swim party!

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  1. Oh, no! I know you & Mike were more upset/bothered than anyone else. :-/ Maybe if you do it out next year, go a day early and tell him step-by-step how it's going to work. Have him make a list of the order of events, and he can check them off or something. Plus, he'll mature a lot over the next year with school. :-)