August 11, 2013


I had been planning on coming to Concord to celebrate my Momma's 60th Birthday for weeks before my unplanned admittance to the Macon Hospital. After being discharged it was pretty apparent that I wouldn't be able to make the 8 hour trek home with my hand in a soft cast so as you can imagine I was completely d.e.v.a.s.t.a.t.e.d!! I knew that this trip home would be one of the last ones for a while since school was starting which meant weeks filled with Friday night lights. I try to be there for all of Vic's events at school so once August is upon us my travelling days are over until November. I knew not coming home meant that I probably wouldn't see my parents until Christmas and that was 4.5 months too long for my taste but my finger pretty much threw a wrench into my entire plan.

I was very upset but I finally came to terms (not really) with the fact that I wasn't coming home any time soon. I already had appointments set up with my Physical Therapist for my finger and I knew I couldn't miss them because my wounds had to be cleaned and re-bandaged. I went to my first appointment and was pleasantly surprised that they took my cast off and bandaged just the top portion of my pointer finger leaving my hand fully exposed and about 85% working to it's full potential. Maybe there was a tiny chance I could still make this planned trip home??!?

I went to my second appointment on Friday and they re-bandaged everything and basically said it would be okay for me to travel home as long as I kept up with the wound care and exercises on my own. Mike agreed that it was also okay for me to go ahead and go home so I didn't question it! I emailed my Dad on Friday and asked if it was okay because I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to ruin any plans he had made for her birthday and he said it was fine. I was super excited and told him not to tell Momma because I wanted to surprise her. I rushed home from my PT appointment, packed a quick bag and we were off to Concord!

Planning a road trip on a Friday isn't the best thing to do when you have to travel through major cities like Atlanta but luckily I hit it before traffic was too bad. I still had to hit some "traffic jails" as Brody calls them but it was worth it in my opinion. I think Brody asking me every hour if we were there yet was more stressful than the rain and traffic I encountered! He was so excited because he too, had no idea until the last minute that we were making this trip so he could barely contain himself.

We pulled into the drive and I just knew my Momma would see us drive up through the living room windows but she didn't....she was in the back of the house which made it even better!! Brody walked in and ran down the hallway into her bedroom and yelled "Surprise!!!!".


I wish I had thought to record it because it was awesome. Her face was glowing and she was smiling ear to ear. I definitely think it was the best present I could have given her!

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