September 17, 2011

Oh, how I've missed me!

It's been 10 days since my last blog post and I have surely missed venting on here! Things got a little out of whack for the past 10 days but we're back on track and moving back in the fast last. As you know, I take medicine for anxiety and depression and at my last appointment (2 weeks ago) they changed some things around that really didn't help matters and made them worse so I kind of just huddled back into my shell until yesterday.

Two good things happened back to back this week....Mom flew in on Thursday and I had a Doctors appointment on Friday to fix my medicines. WOO HOO!!!!! With that combo how can I not feel like new?!?!? I feel so much better that my meds were the reason I was in a funk and my heart feels happy my Momma is here.

Mom is staying until Tuesday and then I will be going back to Concord with her for 2 weeks to help take care of my Pappaw. My parents have been his sole caregiver for almost a year and they need a break and I have the time so it's the only option. I don't mind, it will give me some time with him while he is still in somewhat a good frame of mind and may give me some closure on the situation as it's probable that I won't be home when he does pass away. It will give him and Brody some time too...they both love each other to pieces.

While Mom has been here Brody has kept her pretty busy. He doesn't leave her side which is cute but draining! He loves his Nannee and she is overly in love with him. It's sweet to watch. We went to the Zoo today so we all could ride the train together. He loved it.

Tomorrow our family is taking a BIG step and becoming official members of our church. Brody, Victoria and myself will be Baptized tomorrow and then it will be official!!!! We will finally be members of FUMC-Albany. I am really excited about it and I think Victoria is too! This is something we all have been wanting over the past several months and it's finally here. Mom is excited to be a witness to all of it so I am happy she is here to watch it....just missing Dad but someone had to stay in Concord with Pappaw.

Well, I will wrap up for now but I am determined not to wait 10 days before my next blog post!

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