September 8, 2011


I can't believe how busy my life has gotten in the past few weeks. Seems like it's a whirlwind spinning out of control at times. I don't know if I am coming or going. Hence why I am doing bullet points again for the blog. I can't seem to put down entire thoughts that flow well in a paragraph form so here is what's happening in the Beemer house:

* Victoria came home yesterday with very good progress reports.....A's and B's so we can't complain too much. She is so busy that we usually only see her before she heads upstairs to bed or if we are graced with her presence at the dinner table.

* Mike is loving being a Dad that can attend football games so we will be going to until the season is over. Yay, me.

* Brody is on week 2 of Preschool and has already learned parts of the "Pledge of Allegiance" and days of the week. I am super proud of him.

* Momma is coming next Thursday to spend 5 long days with us and I can't wait to see her! I have missed both my parents terribly lately. I wish my Dad was coming too but someone has to stay with my ailing Pappaw.

* Pappaw is still doing okay considering the type of cancer he has. I just pray that he doesn't have to suffer too long with this. I have heard bone cancer is very painful.

* My new anxiety medicine makes me eat like a cow and I have went from 76 pounds to 100 pounds in 2 months. I just put over 30 pairs of jeans up in my closet and had to buy 10 new pair so I would have a fall wardrobe. I am now a size 3 and can't even get a size 0/1 up over my thighs. Go me!

* Church is going awesomely well. We are all enjoying the service and social activities. Vic stays busy in youth and we are so proud of her for that. Hopefully some of his good grace will rub off some of her teen attitude ;)

* I couldn't hold out any longer.....ALL of my Fall decorations are out minus the pumpkins that will be added in the very near future!!!! (No matter what my husband says)

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