August 31, 2011

Flirtatious Fall

I know, I know.....several months ago I was begging for pool weather but now I am SO over the heat that I could barf. A "perk" of living in Southwest Georgia are it's extended summers aka heat! There are days where I swear I open the front door to hell because it's so darn hot here. We are in a middle of a cool spell with a week of low 90's!

It doesn't help me any that that I have entered this past week has all of their Fall and Halloween decorations proudly on display. Just stick a fork in me; I am done.

I don't know if I will be able to hold out on decorating our front porch and the inside for Fall until late September. I mean, tomorrow is the first day of September and that is usually when I put out my Fall decorations but I think it would put off a weird vibe here in Albany since it's still pool weather. You could probably fry an egg in our driveway with the high temps we have had lately.

I also can't wait to break out my Fall clothes!!!! Jeans, sweaters, long sleeve cute shirts, I would love to wear those items now.

I'm going to stop typing this blog now because it's only making me more annoyed with the weather. I said what I had to say and hopefully Mother Nature in Southwest Georgia will cooperate sooner than later!

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