August 15, 2011

Beemer Family Randomness

My mind is slightly scattered today so this blog is completely random with bullets instead of paragraphs. It's been a whirlwind with school starting and our mini vacay to Destin, Florida so here goes:

* Victoria started school and made it through her first day without any problems. She seems to be excited about this school year but she has a TON of expectations from all of her core classes. This will definitely be a challenging year for her.

* LCHS has their first pre-season game this coming Friday and I know Mike is beside himself with excitement. Nothing like some Southern Friday night lights and your daughter marching during halftime. He will probably get misty eyed...he's good like that.

* Brody starts school next Monday and will be going three days a week. I CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!! He needs so much stimulation and with the weather hotter than hell here it's hard to do much since your stuck indoors. I think I have watched every single episode of "Dora", "Wonder Pets", "Olivia" and the "Dinosaur Train". I am d-o-n-e with kiddy shows; I may hurl if I have to watch any more.

* I signed up for PTO which I am actually kind of excited about. I really want to be involved with Victoria's school and after school activities as much as I can and I thought that would be a good start. My day time hours are limited due to Brody's school schedule but something is better than nothing. It was either PTO or Band Boosters so I went with the one that I could be a little more flexible with. I can't commit to every Friday night (nor do I want to) so we will see how PTO works out for me

* We went to the beach the past weekend and had fun but my anxiety was up 100x more than when I am at home. I have pin pointed that I get overly anxious when I am not in my own environment. Crazy, I know, but hey, it is what it is. I personally do better with a schedule and my own little world....however, I have GOT to get over it because I like to take vacations. I know, I know, I just contradicted myself.

* I am signing Brody up for Itty Bitty Sports camp this week. It's a 6 week rotation of baseball, basketball and soccer. It introduces the little tykes to the world of sports and we definitely want him involved in athletics. The program is through the YMCA and I am excited about it.

As you can see my mind (and life) is all over the board so writing a good blog just wasn't in the cards today. However, it felt good to get it all off my mind...

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  1. That's exactly what a blog is for - sorting out the stuff in your head. :-) Yay for bullet points!

    And I am so surprised re: the PTO! Exciting!!! :-)