August 1, 2011

One Time At Bandcamp....

One time at bandcamp....

Thanks to classic movie "American Pie" that phrase will be stuck in my head until the day I leave this earth. You can't help but say it or think it when you think, hear or say the word "band camp".

This is Victoria's first year of Marching Band and I am secretly a tad bit jealous of her getting to experience such an awesome organization. I will admit I was a totally band geek but it was "cool" to be in the "Concord High School Marching Spiders" band. The CHS band was one of the best around back in the early to late 90's. It was actually "cool" to be in band because we were that good...really we were, it's just not me saying it.

I have so many fond memories of band and I was able to do a load of cool things I would have NEVER have done unless I was a "Marching Spider". I mean, how cool was it that we were invited to march in the St. Patricks Day parade in DUBLIN, an amazing trip that was!!!

I can only hope that Victoria enjoys band as much as I did. Yes, it was a PITA most of the time because of the hard work and long hot hours of band camp. It was also hard on the body because marching down the steep hill while parading past excited football fans listening to the awesome cadence of our FANTASTIC drumline was hard on the shins....can you say SHIN SPLINTS?!?! Ouch.

Anyway, I guess I will be living vicariously through her this football season. I am sure she will be making memories that last a lifetime like I did....or at least I pray she does....she won't be sorry for participating in a powerful organization like the LCHS band.

Dare I say "Go Marching Trojans!"....the only bad thing about the situation is she's not a marching SPIDER.

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  1. Jamie really *isn't* "just saying" it was cool. I was not in band at CHS, and I can attest: it wasn't looked down upon at all!