August 25, 2011

Falling for Fall

I know I shouldn't wish my days away because they already fly by but I am really wishing for Fall to hurry up and present itself in Southwest Georgia....Albany to be exact. I am all for great pool and beach weather but my heart really misses the "feeling" of Fall.

Fall always makes me chipper and happy to be alive. It's like a little fire sparks inside me and I am a different person....a person that I like and the person that I am ready to be.

I love the smell of Fall...the scented candles that fill your house with warm and spicy scents. The fireplace crackling with wood and producing a warm glow throughout the living room. Pumpkins, acorns and pine cones happily decorating the house and front porch steps. I love that it's cool enough to cook your fall/winter favorites like large batches of beef stew or mouth watering chili.

And the wardrobe...God Bless the autumn wardrobe! I miss wearing my fall favorites....jeans, sweaters and boots. I love my "fall" clothes and wishes that I could wear them year round. There is nothing more comfortable than slipping on a pair of jeans paired with a cute long sleeve top and head out the door in a pair of boots. I can't wait to bust into those fashions soon. My 'fall' clothes are getting a little lonely and ready to be pulled into my everyday wear.

I love everything about Fall and the holidays that surrounds it. Fall means Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are near. All of the three are a big deal in the Beemer House and we decorate accordingly and I am always trying to do something fun with the kids to help decorate for the occasions.

So, the countdown is on in my mind for Fall....hurry on up summer, do your thing and make it a wrap....I am ready to see you go.

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