August 9, 2011

The "infamous" Chicken Salad Blurt

I have been meaning to add this recipe to my blog for weeks now but I'm always getting sidetracked! I get online to do it and venture the opposite direction only to sit here and wonder why I got online in the first place!

So, I stopped EVERYTHING to add this to my blog while it was fresh on my mind.

Below you will find the recipe for my infamous chicken salad that I serve for all social Southern gatherings. It's Victoria's favorite dish that I make and she now knows the recipe by heart....yay! for passing something down for generations to come. This recipe comes from my Momma and I am not sure who she borrowed it from but all I do know is that it's quick and easy so it's a keeper in my book!

Chicken Salad Recipe
- 1 can of 12.5 ounces of canned white meat chicken breast (I use Tyson or the Great Value Brand)
- 3 large tablespoons of Mayo (I prefer Dukes but you can use whatever your taste buds favor)
- 3 teaspoons of Dill Pickle relish
-1/4 teaspoon of homemade seasoning (recipe below)

Shred the chicken chunks with your fork if you are opposed to using the fingers God gave you and then mix all the ingredients together. Serve fresh or chill. This goes great on Plane Jane white bread or you can fancy it up and serve it in Puff Pastry cups. Yummy!

Homemade Seasoning - kindly borrowed from Paula Deen
1 cup of Kosher Salt
1/4 cup of Fresh Ground Pepper
1/4 cup of Garlic Powder

Mix all together and keep in an airtight container. Mason Jars work best. This seasoning salt is a staple in my pantry. I use it on EVERYTHING....I mean, everything! You will too once you make it.


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