August 22, 2011

It's the "Simple Things"!

Yesterday I was channel surfing on the television and I ran across some show and the topic was "simple things". We often get so busy with life and outside chaos that we forget the simple things so the result of this was to write down a list of the simple things in your life that make you happy. "Wow" was the first thought that came to my mind. I had to really think about that and *that* made me sad. I shouldn't have to "think" about it, I should know them right off the top of my head! My life is so busy that I have forgot about the simple things that make me happy. With that being said I have decided to write my "simple things" list so I have it as a reminder; it also may show that I am a bit OCD and neurotic:

* A cup of coffee in a pretty teacup before the house (Brody) wakes up.
* A bed that is made.
* All of my hangers facing the same direction in my closet.
* My sink being dirty dish free.
* The smell of Fall in the air and in my house (thanks to candles & Scentsy).
* A clean house that I didn't have to clean.
* A quiet house in the mornings.
* Sleeping in frilly vintage slips that belonged to my Mammaw.
* The smell of lavender on my sheets and clothes.
* Getting my hair cut and colored.
* Decorating inside and outdoors for every single holiday.
* A kiss in the morning from my husband.
* The kids telling me good night before bedtime.
* My fur baby, Alex, at my side all day and night
* Getting dressed up and applying make up for a date night with my husband.
* Enjoying my patio with a glass of good wine.
* Good music!!!
* An empty dirty clothes basket.
* Cooking dinner for my family and friends.
* Facebook.
* Making letters and cards to mail to the special people in my life.
* Any type of arts and crafts.
* Kisses, Hugs and cuddles from my little man.
* Victoria asking me to paint her nails or do her hair.
* Little notes from my loved ones.
* Making Brody's lunch for school.
* A hug from my Momma & Daddy.
* Sleeping on my favorite pillowcase when I visit my parents.
* Hearing my Pappaw call me "Darlin'...."
* Hearing Mike call me "Honey".
* Wearing heels with my favorite pair of blue jeans.
* Using my Mammaw's cookbooks to make dinner.

That's just a few but that is the start of my list....what's on yours?

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