February 15, 2012

Coming out of the Shell

After several weeks of depression and anxiety I can say I am finally coming out of my shell. Dealing with depression and anxiety really sucks. It takes days away from my life that I can't get back. Luckily, my meds seem to be working and paired with lots of prayer, I am doing much better.

The Beemer house is about to get busy again...

Victoria made the JV soccer team so her season is already under way. She has about 2 games a week and practices are on their off days. She also has practices for Band so the Suburban will be very busy! I am hoping we can find a carpool because it's a lot of driving back and forth; not to mention the gas money it takes!

I signed Brody up for Itty Bitty sports through the local YMCA and that starts in March. He will have a 2 week rotation of baseball, soccer, football and basketball. I can't wait to see how he behaves during all of them! It's crazy to even think he is old enough to play a sport....didn't I just give birth to him???

I am also getting a bit anxious about enrolling Brody in a lottery funded Pre-K program in March. Supposedly it's madness and hours spent overnight to get your child in the school. So I guess I will be spending the night in the school parking lot in March. The things you do for your kids!

The Beemer girls had a nice Valentine's day thanks to Mr. Beemer...we had flowers, jewelry and a nice meal yesterday. Victoria got a present from her boyfriend so I think she was over the moon about that. The way to her heart was Hot Tamales and some lotion from B&B works.

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