January 3, 2014

The Neverending School Break.

First and foremost; I love my kids! I absolutely adore every ounce of their being.....BUT....this Momma needs this Christmas break to cease. I think this has seriously been the longest 2 week break in the history of school breaks. I know so many of my friends who are mothers get so sad when school breaks are over because they enjoy every single second of it. I respect that and sometimes wish that I were more like them but let's face it, I'm not. I enjoy little breaks (like 3 day breaks) but around day 5 it's starting to wear on my every nerve and I start to get a little crazy. I feel claustrophobic and my anxiety is off the chain. I am snippy, miserable and just want to go hide somewhere until the break is over. I also need earplugs to muffle the sound of my children yelling at one another.

I think part of the problem is that my kids can not entertain themselves. Growing up as an only child I was forced to play alone in my room and I was fine with that. I was creative, imaginative and I didn't mind being alone. I didn't have the latest game systems, tablet, laptop, iPhone or television with endless channels of movies (and yes, sadly, my kids have all of that) -- I had a room full of toys and my brain, that's it.

Brody can't stay focused on anything for long and gets bored easily. He has a room full of toys and refuses to play with them. He would rather be right under my feet every single second of every single day. It's insane. I beg him to go play in his room and he just won't do it. I really don't know what to do about. Like I have stated in an earlier blog post I have tried everything and none of it works. School really is the best environment for him because he does so well when it's in session.

Victoria has gotten better since she has her license because she can actually leave the house but she still has her moments of boredom. She was also just as bad as Brody when she was younger, always complaining of being bored even though she had technology and a ton of toys at her disposal. She spends her break sleeping in and staying up late watching television in our bonus room. She has very little patience for Brody so she ends up getting annoyed with him fairly quickly. When her patience wears out it's like World War 3 has broken out in my house because the two can't get along. It's like a crazy episode of Jerry Springer has broken out in my living room. It's complete and utter chaos.

I know that my friends and family who are in the school system need their well deserved breaks. I mean, they do spend more time with our kids than we do during the day. It always makes me appreciate Brody's and Victoria's teachers more when the holiday break comes to an end because I don't see how they do it 5 days a week for weeks at a time. I would go nuts. I also question myself on why I ever wanted to be a teacher. What was I thinking???

Thank God school starts on Monday -- I can't wait. Bring on the final weekend of school break!!!!

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