October 1, 2011

Groupon Love and Painted Ladies

Several weeks back I purchased a Groupon that I couldn't pass up from Insect Lore. It was a coupon that was for hatching your own butterflies. I am not sure if "hatching" is the correct term (I'm sure it's not) but that is what it felt like we were doing.

I was probably more excited than anyone in our house when the larvae finally arrived! We had 5 tiny wormy like things that turned into HUGE caterpillars overnight. It was o-mazing! After a few days they do their thing and bundle up in a cocoon for several days. Before you know it you have 5 pretty orange butterflies fluttering around in your butterfly net house. It was so cool. We all enjoyed the experience....even us big kids! It is definitely worth buying the kit if your little ones love bugs! It's neat to see them start as little tiny worms and end up beautiful Painted Ladies!

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