October 31, 2011

Homecoming 2011

Mike's worst nightmare came true this past Saturday.....Victoria was old enough to attend her FIRST homecoming dance in High School. I think he had heart palpitations all evening and probably gave himself a couple of ulcers in the meantime.

Victoria and I went dress shopping several weeks ago and for the first time no one walked out in tears - score!

I helped her pick out the cutest little Jessica McClintock cocktail dress. She wasn't too keen on it while it hung on the hanger but once I begged her to put it on she didn't want to take it off. She looked amazing in it. I was also secretly happy that she chose the dress because I wore Jessica McClintock dresses for all of my formal occasions in high school. Her designs are always classy and sophisticated; you can't go wrong with that.

Victoria attended the dance with a group of friends and her "date" was a young man named Spencer who is a really sweet Southern boy. He got the "okay" from Mike and I was charmed with his manners. I think they had a good time and secretly if she had to choose a boyfriend he ranks #1 on my list. He is one of the schools mascots and his step-father is the Principle of the 9th grade Academy. Vic seems to have surrounded herself around a really good group of kids and that is always a nice feeling for a parent You are always going to worry about who your child hangs out with but this group seems to be grounded and most are involved in honor classes, sports and academic clubs. They come from good families who stay involved with their children's life. That is very important these days. I admire the parents that know what their child is doing and where and who they are hanging out with. It's hard to keep up with your teenager so when the parents know their child's "business" it shows me that they care and are on top of their children's every move. Some may call it overbearing but I don't...I call it being responsible.

Of course, Brody had to have a picture with his Sissy all dressed up. Too bad he couldn't have been her date....or at least old enough to keep his eye on her during the dance ;)


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  1. she looks gorgeous! you guys are so fortunate that she has sought out - and found! - such a stand-up group of friends. sweet post.