October 1, 2011

A Trip to Hodges Pumpkin Patch

Since it's OFFICIALLY my most anticipated season we *had* to visit the local pumpkin patch for some Fall fun! We visited the Hodges Family Farm & Pumpkin Patch in Charlotte, NC and we were not disappointed.

I had never heard of this local patch but my artsy friend, Beth Feedback told me about it and turns out she was setting up a face painting and pumpkin painting booth at the farm for the season.....so that was a bonus!

We rolled up to the farm thanks to my handy GPS system and I was not disappointed. Red wagons were waiting on families to fill them up with pumpkins of every size!! And believe me.....they had every size imaginable and Brody wanted one of every size available.

Mom and him settled on one large one, one mid-size and two smaller gourd like pumpkins. Brody walked away a happy camper and Mom was just as happy to have pumpkins this early to adorn her front porch. 

We battled the breezy weather and took our pumpkins home to decorate the front steps of the Carriker bungaolow....pine cones were added by Brody. I think that the steps turned out good for being decorated by a 3 year old! He was mighty proud of himself!!

After arranging the front steps it was time to do our evening ritual.....feeding the deer in my parents back yard. Even though they live in the city they still have a family of deer that come and eat dinner in their backyard every night that corn is laid out for them to dine on. There are 4 smaller deer and one large Buck that makes his nightly appearance. As usual, Alex slept through the whole ordeal but Brody was squealing from the inside out with excitement.  He loves feeding the deer just as much as the deer love the corn.

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