July 17, 2012

Living in Fast Forward

I am FINALLY taking the time to write a new blog...it seems that June & July have flown by and the end of summer vacation is fastly approaching!

It's pretty obvious that I haven't blogged in a while so that means we are no longer in North Carolina visiting my parents. It was a great 4 weeks but by the end of it my Mom was politely kicking us out of her house because she couldn't take the toddler anymore! The highlight of the trip was Brody getting to go to "Turtle Beach" (Myrtle) for the very first time. We had a ton of fun and I wish the trip could have lasted a few more days because Brody was really enjoying himself.

Victoria had a great time while visiting her family in Texas and I must admit that even though I was not at home while she was away there was still a piece of our family that felt missing. I end up missing her more and more each year; things just feel strange when she isn't around. She is growing up so quickly that it's really hard to think that she will be turning 16 in October! She finally got her drivers permit so by next summer she will be driving ALL BY HERSELF!! Scary. You always thought your parents over reacted with the whole turning 16 thing until you find yourself a parent of a 16 year old!

Brody's 4th birthday is a week away and he couldn't be more excited. Of course, we have had to play it up because he can't really grasp the concept yet but it's fun to see his eyes light up. We are planning a Chuck-e-Cheese birthday this year instead of the usual Concord party because I felt it was time for him to be surrounded by  his friends. His Nannee and Pappaw can't make it but I am sure he will be too busy to really notice (or at least I hope he is).

We have added two new rescue dogs to our mini zoo....call us crazy, I would have to agree with you! It is a lot of work but it's wonderful to know you have given a home to an animal that almost didn't have a chance. "Bonesy" and "Lou" are great additions to our family even though they are larger than we are used to. Now our home consists of 4 humans, 1 cat,  4 dogs, 2 fish, 2 birds and 3 hermit crabs!!


As for me, I am doing better with each passing day. That is not saying I still don't have a "bad" day but I have more good days. I am slowly starting to get back into my routine and things that I enjoy. I haven't gotten back into my craft room yet but I am planning to as soon as Brody starts preschool. I was enjoying my camera again but I left my battery charger at the hotel in Myrtle Beach so I had to order a new one...which arrived last week so I will be able to take pictures of our Destin trip this upcoming weekend!

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  1. Excited to see the crafting you end up doing!!! Do you have a list of ideas?
    LOVE that pic of Vic!
    YAY for a friend b-day party for Brody!