October 22, 2013

Playing Catch-up plus New Adventures!

I've been meaning to post about our last minute trip to Destin, Florida two weekends ago! My parents came to visit and we decided since we weren't able to take Brody to the beach in June (he got sick and was hospitalized for a week) that we would make a quick trip down to Florida and take advantage of the nice weather and our friends condo that they so graciously let us use for the weekend! We didn't get into Santa Rosa beach until late Friday evening so that day was shot so we made the most of Saturday and Sunday! Saturday we woke up and ate our favorite breakfast place, The Donut Hole and then we hit the beach! It was so much fun watching Nannee and Brody play on the pretty snow white beaches and walk in the aqua blue waters that the gulf has to offer! My parents have not seen the gulf so they were amazed by it's beauty. It's so much nicer than the murky waters of Myrtle Beach!! After spending an hour at the beach we went for a late afternoon nap before dining at "The Backporch". If you are ever in Santa Rosa or Destin you need to try out this place because it's a great restaurant and it sits directly on the beach so you get a nice view while dining on the freshest seafood! Afterwards we headed to Brody's favorite place; the fun park! He loves riding the kiddie rides and he was able to race go-karts with Pappaw and Daddy so he was super excited! On Sunday we headed to Eglin Airforce Base because my Momma wanted to see where she was born. It was really important for her to see where my Papa and Granny once lived when she was born. That made her entire trip and I was glad we were able to do that for her because it meant so much to her.

While we were at Eglin AFB we went to the PX (a mini mall on base) and I found a killer deal on a Canon camera that records videos. I have been wanting to vlog for a while now on YouTube and Mike being such a supportive husband made that a reality by buying me the camera! He always pushes me to do things that show my creative side and so he's usually willing to do whatever when it comes to stuff like that. Vlogging is basically blogging but it's done in video format and I'm using YouTube for mine. I want to vlog about my life in general, beauty reviews, recipes, crafts and more! I am really excited about this new venture so please check out my new video and subscribe to my channel because it will be a hoot!! Watch the video by clicking here! I know that I have a ton to work on but I am learning as I go. It's going to be a fun process and I am "super excited" as Brody says!

Victoria has homecoming this week and their dance is on Saturday. She got the cutest dress for $20 and we were in/out of the store in a jiffy! We ordered her shoes online so it was a very stress free shopping event. Her date, Robbie, is precious and I call him her boyfriend but it's not "official" yet but I am sure it will be soon. They are really a cute couple and he brings out the best in her and she's so happy. That's all I can really ask for is a great guy who treats her right and who makes her smile from ear to ear! She also turns 17 this Sunday which is CRAZY! Time has flown by and it needs to slow down some!!!! I'm still trying to come to grips with the fact that she is a junior in high school.

Well, I should probably wind things down for the night! I am tired and I have an early morning tomorrow :) It's almost the end of the month so I will be doing a blog and vlog about my beauty hits & misses for October soon!! Stay tuned!


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