October 5, 2013

Tears, Tantrums, Tummyaches.....and Staph.

In typical Beemer fashion there is never a dull moment at our house and this month is no different. I welcomed Fall and October with open arms because I feel so alive when this time of year rolls around. There is something about this season that makes me feel like I've been given a fresh start and who doesn't love that? I also feel more creative and inspired when it's Fall; hence all of my cooking and blog posts! It seems that everyone feels the same way because a lot of my friends have been cooking up a storm and crafting away too!

Brody has had a rough start to October as far as his health is concerned. He has been having stomach pains almost every single day and has been sick (vomiting) a few times, too. His energy level depletes so quickly when he is not on his pump and he runs into trouble when he is active during that time. He had a class field trip to Mark's Melon Patch on Thursday and he ran around like mad for 3.5 hours only to come home, crash on the couch and wound up getting violently sick late that night. It was pretty scary and for the first time I saw real concern on Mike's face. My husband is so good about not showing fear and worry around Brody or myself but when he does it's alarming to me. I am so thankful that we have an appointment with the Neurologist on Monday to discuss Mitochondrial Disease. We also have an appointment with his GI specialist on Monday so we will be able to discuss his stomach pain issues too. I am so ready to have a concrete, solid diagnosis. I am tired of "searching" for what it could be and worrying about the unknown. I feel like I will be more at peace with the whole situation once I know for sure what he has and how we are going to handle it. With Mitochondrial Disease there is no cure but at least we would know what was going on and come up with some plan of action. Right now we have so many unknown and "what if's" that is about to drive me insane. I am worried sick about it all and it's starting to take a toll on my health. I don't eat when I get stressed out so I have only been eating one meal a day and that is my dinner. As you can imagine this doesn't set well with my family & friends because they can see my already thin frame shrinking. I am back down to a frail 85 pounds and my wardrobe is starting to notice. My jeans are a little loose and my once snug shirts aren't so snug anymore. PSA: Momma, I know you are reading this and I know I need to eat and I am working on it, so please don't lecture me :)

Tears!! Oh, the tears we have had this month! Both Brody and I have been emotional basketcases lately. He has cried about every single day and for no apparent reason. I feel like my son is suffering from PMS! I guess he takes after his Momma because I am a very emotional person too. Lately everything has made me want to cry or I've actually produced tears. Maybe I was doomed from the start of this past week when I got news that one of the sweet little ladies at the Alzheimer's Center had passed away suddenly in her sleep over the weekend. Maybe that should have been a sign my week wasn't going to be rainbows and unicorns? I cried myself to sleep on Monday night thinking about her passing away and how I wasn't prepared for her sudden death. I knew going into volunteering at the center people would pass away and I have already dealt with it on several occasions so it's beyond me why I got so upset over the whole thing. I've cried out of frustration because Brody has been so stubborn lately and doesn't listen to a word I say. I have shed tears over the fact Brody is getting older and he has 2 loose teeth. Thinking about Brody never being able to participate in sports like normal little boys has sent me over the edge on several occasions. Victoria is turning 17 this month and I've cried a tear or two over that! It's freaking ridiculous. I am just going to stop talking about it because I annoy myself even thinking about it.

We have had some FULL BLOWN TEMPER TANTRUMS that have resulted in a few pops on the bottom lately. It's been so bad that I had to get my trusty old wooden spoon out for reinforcement. Brody is at the age that my hand no longer stings his bottom and he usually ends up laughing at me stating "that didn't hurt" (that enrages me)! His temper tantrums usually end up with him flailing around on the floor screaming his head off about something as petty as the wrong SpongeBob episode is on the television. I am not kidding. We've also had a lot of hand/spoon meets bottom over the meaning of "No" and "Stop". Sadly, he still hasn't grasped those two words yet so his feelings will continue to be hurt until he does.

Plain and simple; Staph is the devil. I do not know how or why I ended up with it for the SECOND time since August!!! I woke up midweek with my nose hurting something awful and it was hot to the touch. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what was going on because I hadn't injured it and as gross as it sounds there was nothing stuck in it (of course I looked; you would have too). I found myself googling my symptoms and all signs pointed to Staph. Really??? It seems that Staph is actually present in most peoples noses because it is a bacteria but for some reason my nose seemed like the perfect place for the nasty bug to set up house and wreck havoc. I knew by Thursday that I had to go to the Doctor because the only way to beat it was antibiotics. Three prescriptions later I am happy to say my nose is a normal size and no longer hurts like hell. The downside is that one of my antibiotics makes me sicker than a dog so I've spent the past 3 days puking at least once. No fun.

That about wraps up how my week was and as you can probably tell I am ready for it to be over and move on to next week! I am crossing my fingers that it goes a little more smoothly for all of us! Prayers are always appreciated and welcomed. I hope all of you have a wonderful week!

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