October 27, 2013

Homecoming Happiness

This weekend was an exciting one as Vic had her Homecoming game, dance and celebrated her 17th Birthday! Victoria always enjoys when Homecoming rolls around because her school has spirit week and each day is filled with fun things to dress up as. This year she was actually more involved in spirit week and I was happy to see it; I think she dressed up all five days! I like when she is involved with school spirit activities because those are things she will look back on when she's my age and smile about. It's great memories that you hold on to for a lifetime.

Another lifetime memory she will carry with her is the annual Homecoming dance! She always enjoys this event (not so much the dance) because she's able to get dolled up in a semi-formal dress, have pictures taken and then eat out a nice restaurant with her date. I can also say that I enjoy this event because I get to help her with picking out the perfect dress, shoes and accessories for the dance! We always have a great time shopping together and unlike most Mom/Daughters we don't tend to argue about what she chooses. Usually I have been the one to find the dress that she actually chooses to wear! It's weird having a "semi-prom" Homecoming dance because when I was in school it was just your typical dance in the gym. Nothing fancy. It's crazy because here the guys go all out when asking the girls to the dance (almost like a wedding proposal); for instance Vic's date asked her with a box of cream filled donuts from Krispy Kreme and "homecoming?" was written on each donut. It was super cute. Of course Vic said yes and they actually decided to forgo the dance itself but still wanted to do pictures and a nice dinner with friends. Luckily, we had not shelled out a ton of money like in years past so it wasn't too bad but I did tell them that next time we need to make a decision before buying everything and ordering flowers because it still cost money that we didn't have to spend.

This brings me to her date, Robbie....I call him her boyfriend but whatever. I say they're dating because they spend almost every single day together. I guess the guy has to ask the girl now to make it "official" so I guess he hasn't "officially" asked her yet. Kids these days, crazy. I can actually say that she has found a great guy who treats her like a lady. He would do anything for her, respects her and is a perfect gentleman. I can't tell you how much of a welcome blessing this is because I have been on the end where I couldn't stand the boyfriend and I would actually pray that she would find a good one. I know that sounds insane but until you have been a Momma (or a Daddy) where you couldn't stand your child's love interest then you would understand. It's even more of a blessing when your child smiles and you see pure happiness and excitement. She is a better person around him, sweeter to her little brother and has been a joy to be around in general . She stays happy for the most part and enjoys being around us with him. I love the fact that she has him over and they just hang out watching movies....I am not naive either, I was a teenager once but I do trust the two of them. He comes from a good family and seems to have good morals so I think he's a keeper. It's also awesome that Mike is happy that she's happy and actually likes the boy. He has mentioned to me several times how much he likes Robbie and loves to see him treating Victoria like the princess she is. That is HUGE coming from this Marine Dad! Not everyone is perfect for his "little princess". I think he would like for Robbie to open up more around him but I told him he can be intimidating so he's probably just a little scared/uncomfortable. Mike is looking forward to attending some of Robbie's baseball games this year at LCHS so I am sure by then the two will be close.

Today was Vic's seventeenth birthday and I can't believe it! Time has flown by and long gone are the days of little girl parties! We didn't go all out for this birthday since it wasn't a milestone one like "Sweet 16"! We took her to a nice lunch and open presents afterwards. Robbie was taking her to a nice birthday dinner this evening. As usual, she got about everything she asked for on her birthday wish list! She always does well on her Birthday and Christmas as far as presents are concerned! Lucky girl.

So all in all, this has been a wonderful weekend spent with those that I love the most!

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  1. Such a cute way to ask for Homecoming! Our CHS homecoming was soooo no big deal compared to these days!