December 31, 2013

Beauty Blog: December "Hits & Misses"

Hey Guys! I can't believe that it is time to already be posting my "Hits & Misses" for the month of December! Where has the time gone?? I feel like once we celebrate Thanksgiving the whole month following is a complete whirlwind. I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas spent with all your loved ones. My family had a great Christmas in Georgia and we all wound up sick due to the crazy weather we have had recently. One day you could wear shorts and the next it was freezing cold. Things have settled down some and I am on the mend so I decided to go ahead and do my beauty blog post for the month. Most of the products with the exception of three have been in my make up collection for a long time; they had just been tucked away in my drawers and I gravitated back to them this month. The three that are newer I have had over a month so I felt like I could give a good review on those since two of them were favorites! I didn't really use a ton of products this month because I was pretty much a homebody for the month of December. School was out for break so the kids were home and I had already done most of my Christmas shopping online so I didn't leave the house like I typically do....which was a nice break! Without rambling any further here are my "Hits & Misses" for December.
"Event Entry" Pocket Eye Palette by Sephora ($11.00) - This is a limited edition palette that I picked up while shopping during the holidays. It caught my eye because it was a very chic glitzy package with neutral shades. This palette is very versatile and can be used for day and night time looks. For the most part I only used 4 out of the 8 shades; the browns and blacks. I like that this palette has matte, satin and shimmer shades. Being honest, the pigmentation isn't as great as I had expected but I didn't have a problem with them creasing or fading. I have never used any eyeshadows from Sephora but overall I was impressed with this palette and it's a good neutral one to keep in my collection. * I did not see this in my Sephora store last week but it's still available online *
Bare Minerals High Shine Eye Color in "Rose Gold" ($11.00) - This is a new product that I bought in early November when they were on sale at our local PX (Military store on base) for 75%! They had a basket full of these little gems and I couldn't resist myself since they were so cheap. I picked up four shades and "Rose Gold" has been my favorite and I have used it a ton this month! I love metallic, high shine shadows so this one is right up my alley. There is nothing matte about this shade and it says it provides "mega watt" color and it lives up to it's name. This line of shadows are actually loose pigments in a vial that has it's own sponge applicator. It can be very messy if you are not careful so you have to use caution when applying it to your lid. I would suggest tapping the wand of the lid several times before applying it so you do not have a ton of fall out beneath your eyes. I could see how a person would hate this their very first try so take my advice and you will love these. They do not crease, they are highly pigmented and the shade stays glued to your lid until you remove it with your cleanser/remover. These can be found at your local Sephora or Ulta and online.
Airbrushing Bronzing Veil (Deluxe Edition) Bronze Booster by Physician's Formula ($14.00) I have mentioned this in prior blog posts but this is one of my favorite bronzers. I had been using the PF Bronze Boosting Balls but I pulled this one out earlier this month and have continued using it. This bronzer is in pressed powder form so it's a bit easy to use than the Booster balls and less messy. I love this bronzer because it's the right amount of bronzer without looking fake, dirty, orange or muddy. It gives a nice, healthy glow to your skin without leaving glitter all over it. This powder is also finely milled so it blends out great with your kubuki brush. I also use this to contour my cheeks as well as light contouring around my temples and jawline. I have tried numerous drugstore bronzers and Physician's Formula is the best in my opinion. I use the shade Light to Medium but they do carry it in Medium to Dark.
Studio High Definition Powder by e.l.f in "Sheer" ($6.00) - This is something I have had for a year or more but I just started using it again this month. First, you must understand the concept of a "HD" powder because it can come off as a gimmick. A lot of models and subjects in front of a camera started using this powder because it helped create a "soft focus" on their face -- meaning it helped diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on film. However, the powder has made itself known in the world of "normal" makeup users because it truly does give a nice "soft focus" effect. This is basically a very white, finely milled powder that you brush over your makeup or can be used by itself. In my opinion it does help mask some of my forehead wrinkles and laugh lines. I was skeptical at first because it's stark white and I didn't know how that would look but it really does go on translucent/sheer. Be careful when applying this because it is a loose powder and it tends to be messy -- if you are wearing a dark colored top I would definitely drape something over it before applying this. This is said to be a dupe for the Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder which is $34! This powder is very soft and it doesn't cake up on your face; it can also help matte out your foundation if that is something you typically lean towards.
Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick in "Red Revival" ($7.99) - With it being the holidays I would naturally grab my red lipstick and this is the one I wore the most. I think this is my favorite red that I own and I own quiet a few! This shade is a true red, it doesn't turn pink once applied and worn. I don't have a problem with this feathering or drying out my lips. This shade seems to provide the right amount of moisture without being sheer like many nourishing lipsticks. It's bold but sophisticated and it definitely helps whiten your smile. I wish the staying power was a tad longer because I do have to reapply this once or twice throughout the day. Overall, I am highly impressed with this shade because red lipsticks are very hard to find since most turn orange or pink on you. I think this is a must have red for anyone, even if it's the only red you own. I would suggest using a liner with this because as we all know dark shades do tend to run; I don't have a problem but I also wear a liner with all my lipsticks.
*** Accessory Alert *** Sideways Cross knuckle ring by Kohl's -  The sideways cross has made it's way into fashion & jewelry and you see it about anywhere you go these days. I had been wanting a small knuckle or pinky ring for a while and I found this cute cross ring at Kohl's. It's pure sterling silver and I believe it cost around $22 on sale. It fits nicely as a knuckle ring or could be used as a pinky ring. I like this trend because it gives just an extra something to that bare hand that doesn't typically have jewelry on it. It's very small so some may never notice it but those that do are always commenting on how dainty or cute it is. This style and type of ring can be found anywhere now so I may have to buy myself a few different ones since I have enjoyed wearing this one.
Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo ($4.69) - First off, in the defense of the dry shampoo this is for Fine or Flat hair and my hair is anything but that. However, I just didn't feel like that did a thing for my hair other than make it smell pretty. The smell is wonderful but I use a dry shampoo for various reasons and it didn't work for any of them. I use a dry shampoo for the obvious reasons like in between hair washes because it helps with any oil you may have lingering around your roots and gives it a nice clean smell. I also like using dry shampoos right after I wash my hair and I am wanting to add texture to it before styling it. Dry Shampoo is great for adding texture to clean, dry hair because as we all know day old hair styles better than clean hair. I know some get completely grossed out if they don't wash their hair on a daily basis but when you have very dry hair you are doing more harm than good. But, to each his own. I just didn't care for this even though in the beginning I loved it. Maybe I was more in love with the smell than the actual product because it does smell heavenly.
Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner in "Unlimited" ($7.49) - I picked this liquid liner up when it was on sale at CVS and I must say that it completely SUCKS!!! I am not sure if I got a bad package or if this is how the Milani formula is for their liquid liners but it's terrible. It's thick, chunky and gooey. It was a mess to apply and I couldn't get a straight or even line with it. It claims to have 24+ hour wear, waterproof  and color intensity. It was a very nice shade of dark brown and when I tried to remove it I had to rub pretty hard to get it off. I prefer my liquid liners to be a bit more watery and this just didn't cut it. I did go online and read some reviews after I purchased mine to see what people said and surprisingly it had pretty good reviews. Most people commented that it was great for those with oily eyelids. I just can't get past the formula so I will definitely never purchase their liquid liners again.
Well, that wraps up my monthly "Hits & Misses" for the month of December. I hope this gave you some good insight on the products that are available in the makeup world! As always, thanks for taking the time to read this and be sure to check out my YouTube channel for the vlog version of this entry. Please let me know if you have anything you would like a review on or if you tried any of the products above. I will be starting a new series called "A Must or Bust" next week and this will feature only one beauty product (for now) and I will give you my opinion on it, basically telling you if I think it's something worth purchasing or walking away from! I am so excited to do this because I've got my eyes on some really great things that I can't wait to share with y'all! Until then I hope you have a very Happy & Safe New Year!



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