June 12, 2011

Find You

"Be you. Find you. Be happy with that." 

Sounds easier said that done but I am taking that statement and running with it. Today I took the first step and attended church for the first time in years (and I mean YEARS). And you know what....IT FELT AWESOME. I liked being there and I felt comfortable with the whole thing. The contemporary music was right up Mike's alley because I noticed a couple of times he was moving to the music and tapping his foot along to the beat. The best part was walking into the room where the service was held and we were greeted by warm, friendly faces. Not the ones that are checking out your shoes to see if they have red bottoms, your purse is either a COACH or Louis, your watch is a Rolex and your ring is at least 2 carats. You know the type I am referring to....all churches have them and it's a given. It's just something that you deal with and I am happy that I didn't run into that today during my first uplifting visit.

I am not going into great depth over the whole day but it was refreshing. It's worth trying (visiting) again because when you leave the place feeling lighter and a calmness about yourself and current circumstances you can't ask for a better feeling. I do think Mike was feeling the same (if not more) spiritual high that I was and we both found it very refreshing.

I need this. Mike needs this. Our family & Marriage needs this.

We will pursue this awesome opportunity with open minds and hearts. This may be the light at the end of the long tunnel that we have been looking for, for a very long time! I am excited about this new journey and I am praying that it's exactly what we need so our souls can mend and we can grow. 

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  1. SO HAPPY you had such a good experience!!! YAY for PEACE!!!!!