June 21, 2011

Fun in the Sun

We spent Father's Day weekend in the sunny state of Florida. The warm weather greeted us with beautiful sandy white beaches that Brody called "snow" and a sparkling aqua blue ocean. Santa Rosa Beach is one of the most magnificent beaches that I have been to and I am not a refined traveller but I have seen the beaches of Punta Cana, Aruba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bahama's and I must admit that this beach gave them all a run for their money when it came to beauty! The beaches were not very crowded like I would have imagined them to be (I only have summers @ Myrtle Beach to compare) and it wasn't over commercialized in my opinion. 

We spent the first day at the Condo acclimating ourselves to the area and ate at the locally famous "The Back Porch" which is positioned right on the sandy white beach (heaven!). The food was good and the atmosphere was  great. When we first arrived I was slightly worried because the wait looked days long but they got us seated within 30 minutes of writing our name on the long list so I was happy. I also think the glass of Chardonnay and the sound of the ocean helped pass the time by rather quickly!

The next morning we were ready to hit the beach but what do most families do while they vacation at the beach?!?! Eat breakfast where the "locals" eat...so we did as locals do and ate at "The Donut Hole" and I must admit it was AMAZING!!! I see why the line was seriously out the door and around the corner. It was worth the wait and if you go to Destin, Florida you *have* to check this place out. I didn't even get to wrap my lips around one of their donuts but if the line was any indication on how tasty they were well then they were pretty darn tasty. I just know I enjoyed their breakfast and lunch menu! 

We were ready to hit the beach with full tummies and smiles on our pale white faces. We looked like your typical "out-of-towners" with tractor trailer full of things in tow. We had the large beach umbrella, cooler filled with adult and kid beverages, an overloaded snack bag, 3 beach chairs, a extra large beach bag full of towels with every sunscreen SPF known to man and the bottomless bag of beach toys. Yeah, we were "those" people. 

I lathered Brody up with the highest SPF "Water Babies" had to offer and set him free to play in the sun with his toys. Mike lathered up with the bare minimum SPF and like an idiot, I lathered up with what should have been labeled "PAM". It was nothing but cooking grease and I coated every inch of my body with it and wasn't too worried because I was headed to relax under the umbrella to keep a watchful eye on my toddler. Several hours later (and loads of fun had by all) we returned to the condo and I was feeling a little crispy. I looked in the mirror and to my dismay I was a nice shade of LOBSTER!! Needless to say I was done for the day and I went home to slather Aloe Vera gel all over my fiery skin and I even desperate enough to try a old wives tale remedy of spraying myself down with white vinegar. Both helped....for a second.

That night I wasn't in the mood to do much so we just drove aimlessly around the area and finally decided we needed to eat so we chose a place right across from the condo called "Elmo's" . Brody was beyond excited because anything associated with the furry red puppet makes him smile. The food was mediocre but the atmosphere was thriving. I wish I felt better because I know I could have enjoyed myself more but it was all I could do to sit through the entire meal without wincing in pain every time I lifted my fork to my mouth. The place is perfect for kids because there are Elmo's scattered throughout the place and they have a cheesy man singing Karaoke on a keyboard. The kids in the place danced the evening away while the parents enjoyed a beverage or two. Perfect (if your not sunburned) if you ask me!! 

Sunday I was basically worthless; we went shopping at the outlet malls and got a few cute things but I wasn't feeling it. We visited the local fisherman's wharf but that was short lived because the sun on my burnt skin hurt so bad that I could barely stand my clothing touching my body. I felt horrible (physically and mentally) because I ruined the last day of the trip because I was too stupid to put the proper amount of SPF on my body. I honestly had no idea that the Florida sun was so flipping TOXIC if I had then proper measurements would have been taken. At least my baby was good and his skin was feeling fine so that is truly all that mattered.

Sunday afternoon rolled around and we loaded the car up and headed back home to reality. I must say I enjoyed the ride home because Mike and I got to have good conversation and as you all know that I love routine so getting back to a normal schedule was divine.

The downfall about a normal schedule means I have tons of laundry to get done from the mini getaway but I guess it will have to wait until the weekend...tomorrow I will make my way to Atlanta to pick up Victoria at the airport.

So, the housework and laundry waits....

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  1. I'm so sorry you got so burned!!!!! I'm definitely beach dreamin'....