November 14, 2013

Blog on my Vlog: My favorite products from "Wet n Wild"!

I posted a video on my YouTube channel earlier today so I wanted to do a follow-up blog on the products I discussed. As I mentioned in my vlog, Wet n Wild has so many amazing products out there that are often overlooked because ladies think it's a cheap brand. Yes, their packaging could use a ton of work but it's what is on the inside that counts!! I can move past the cheap plastic exterior as long as I am getting a high quality product in return. I have found some wonderful hidden gems in several of their lines so without rambling here is a recap from today's video.

This Color Icon pallet in "Comfort Zone" is my favorite out of all the ones that they offer. It is a nice neutral palette that works well for day and night. You are given 8 highly pigmented shades with sheen that are blendable and buildable. This palette is easy to use for beginners as it has all the colors labeled for you to tell you where to apply them. The "definer" colors (bottom row) can be omitted for daytime wear as they are very dark and highly pigmented. These are "powdery" so you will have to be careful when using these and make sure you tap your shadow brush before applying to your lid to decrease the amount of under eye fallout.

The "Color Icon" trios are wonderful hidden gems that his line has to offer because it comes in various complimentary shades. They have playful, fun, vibrant trios and also offer ones that are more subtle, light and neutral for those wanting a more fresh, natural face. I own both types and love them! They are so pigmented and in my opinion the pigmentation quality is up there with brands such as Urban Decay and Stila. I am highly impressed with them and for the money you can't help but purchase them all! My favorite is "Silent Treatment" (left), "Sweet As Candy" and "I'm Getting Sunburned"(right).
The "Color Icon" blushes are just as pigmented as the shadows and they give NARS and Milani a run for their money with dupes. The two shades I love the most are "Berry Shimmer" which is a very pretty and vibrant pink. Don't let the word shimmer scare you because it doesn't leave sparkle on your face; it's more of a natural glow. This shade is very complimentary to tan and darker skin tones. The shade that is said to be a dupe for NARS's shade of "Orgasm" and Milani's "Luminoso" is named "Pearlescent Pink". Wet n Wild has outdone themselves with this shade because it's the most light, coral pink. It looks fabulous on any skin tone and could be worn year round. A little of both blushes goes a long way because they are so highly pigmented that you can tend to apply too much if you are not careful. Make sure you apply these with a light hand and tap your brush before applying.

I have never been a huge fan of matte lipsticks because almost all of them are too drying and they leave my lips looking horrible. However, after trying the Wet n Wild "Mega Last" lipsticks I have found that I really like them as they do not dry out my lips. These are creamy and I feel like they do nourish my lips while wearing the color; they state they last 4 hours and I would agree with that because I do have to reapply at least once while wearing these lipsticks. I have not had an issue with bleeding but I do wear the lighter shades in "Bare-it-All" and "Wine Room" using a nude lip liner from Milani with them. As far as matte lipsticks go I have liked these the best and I have tried brands such as Loreal, Maybelline and Revlon. I think with matte shades it's really more of a personal preference so these may not work for everyone but as cheap as they are it's worth trying at least the nude shade of "Bare-it-All" because it's a nice pink nude that looks natural.

WnW offers the "MegaShield" lipstick line and these are more sheer and contain SPF 15. They also have nourishing aspects and you will get moderate coverage out of these. I like this line because they are lightweight, available in fun shades and protect my lips from harmful rays. I would probably use these more in the Spring and Summer because they are more sheer and lightweight but you could pair them over top of a matte shade to create your own personal look/shade. I have not had a problem with these feathering and I do like their shade in "Salsa Lessons" that is a vibrant coral orange shade that is perfect for Spring/Summer! The other shade I mentioned in my video was "Wine Room" and it's a pretty berry shade; not as dark as some would think since it contains the word "wine". The only thing I hate about these lipsticks are the packaging; it's horrendous. You can't roll the product all the way down so you tend to knick the end of the lipstick when you put the lid on so make sure your careful if you do end up purchasing these to try! Other than that, I can't say a bad word about them because they are high quality and I like them better than the Maybelline "Whispers" line!

I honestly do not know how much more I can RAVE about their "H20 Proof" liquid eyeliner...I know y'all are getting tired of hearing about it but it's just that dang good!!!!! The stuff is amazing and hands down beats most (if not all) the drugstore liquid liners that are available. I have tried several and this by far is my favorite. I like that it stays all day, it's waterproof, it doesn't transfer and it doesn't bother my super sensitive eyes. I couldn't ask for a better liquid eyeliner! It's easy to use since it has the felt tip end and the product does not dry up quickly like you can get with some of the liquid liners. For beginners I would suggest the felt tip end because you have better control than you do with the bristle liners. This product is smudge proof so once it's on there is nothing taking it off but a very good waterproof makeup remover! Soap and water will not cut makeup towelettes do not even remove it. As I mentioned before I do use the Loreal Clean Artist Eye remover in their waterproof formula and that takes it off nicely. I do wear the color "Ultra Black" and I also own the "Black-Brown"; they do offer 2 other shades in this formula but I have not tried them.

They have added a celebrity "Makeup Adviser" to their line and that's Fergie which I think is a great fit for this company. She's hip, popular among younger women and she has so many looks that are amazing. I have tried two products from their "Fergie Center Stage" line and I am quiet impressed. These items are a tad more pricier than the other products they carry; is that possible??!? I absolutely adore two products from this line and one is the eye primer called "Take on the Day Primer - For my Primas". This primer gives a nice matte base for your eyeshadow that prevents creasing and makes your shadows more vibrant. It is a nice nude shade that blends in quickly and doesn't dry white like some primers tend to do. Fergie's primer helps your shadows last all day long and I have never had an issue with creasing when I use this with any of the shadows I have in my collection. I am a firm believer in this product and I prefer it over the Urban Decay primer. I do not have an issue with oily lids but I did a little research online, read reviews and it seems that people with oily lids could still use this primer without a problem and it worked well! The other product that Fergie has nailed is the "To Reflect Shimmer Pallet" and I purchased the Rose Champagne glow pallet. It's a beautiful mosaic of rose, gold and champagne colors that are used to highlight your face. It's just the right amount of shimmer that leaves a nice and natural healthy glow to your face without making you look ridiculous. Highlighting is easy to do if you are using the right product, the right way. They do carry this in 3 shades for various skin tones and state they can be used wet or dry. I prefer mine dry so I can't say how this product works when applied wet. I have the MAC highlighter and I prefer the Fergie so I think that speaks volumes.
Lastly, I want to briefly discuss their "Mega Last Salon Nail Color" line with the Manicurve Pro Brush. This polish hands down beats Essie in my opinion! Yes, they don't have a ton of shades to offer like Essie but their quality is outstanding and the brush makes painting your nails a breeze! I never thought the shape of a brush would make a difference but now I know that it does! The curve helps achieve that salon perfection in just a swipe or two and with some of their colors you only need to apply one coat! Their site says this stuff lasts 5 days without chipping but I've worn it up to 7 days with a top coat. I own several of these beauties but my favorite is "Wet Cement" which is a nice taupe shade for Fall/Winter and then for summer I love "Heatwave" because it's a nice bright coral shade. Several of my friends have tried these and are extremely happy with them and I think you would be too! I do not own the shade that is shown but I wanted to give you an example of what the product packing looked like! They do have various shades ranging from Pale Neutrals to dark colors like Ox Blood so I am sure you will be able to find one that fits your style!
I believe this wraps up my overview of my favorite Wet n Wild products that I currently own and I hope you will try a few of these for yourself! I honestly think if you can get the vision of the 1980's version of Wet n Wild out of your head you will be pretty pleased with some of their current products because they have really stepped it up and give pricier brands a run for their money. Another good thing about this brand is that CVS and Walgreens are always offering great deals on them and usually these go on sale for BOGO 1/2 off at least once a month! You can't beat that especially when most of their products are less than $5.00 each!
Please be sure to check out my accompanying video below if you missed it! I would love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and be sure to leave a comment if you want to see something discussed in the future!

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