January 30, 2011

Bittersweet Sunday

Today was bittersweet; I met an old friend from high school and I think know I lost a very important piece of jewelry. Let's start with the GREAT news first!

Several months ago a hometown friend, Susie, told me she *might* be moving to the "Deep South" and more importantly....to Albany! I mean, does it get any better?!? Sweet!! 

A week or so ago it was confirmed that Susie and her family would be moving my way in a matter of a month or so. I know for those of you that have never ventured far away from home can't really understand my excitement but it is a huge deal and a big relief. It makes living here a bit easier knowing I have a "piece of home" nearby. I will have someone here that can understand my excitement of hometown events such as the Concord/Kannapolis game, Concord Christmas parade, NASCAR races (that's for my husband) among other things. My husband isn't a Concord native so he can't really even understand or appreciate the whole "Spider Pride" thing *secretly doing my spirit fingers*.

Susie and her her husband came to Albany this past weekend to house hunt so we decided it would be great to have lunch together and catch up. I can't tell you how good it was to see her and know she will be here soon. We also discovered that we have a lot in common! We both love family trips to local festivals, enjoy hanging out at the pool, love dining out and love girl talk over Starbucks. Mike is happy that her husband enjoys football and beer. So it's a win/win situation! 

Now for the bitter part of  my day....as I was getting dressed this morning it occurred to me that my watch was missing. My watch sits in one of two places; my bedside table or my bathroom counter. It wasn't that big of a deal at first because anyone that has or has had a two year old knows that they are constantly hoarding things that don't belong to them. Like any parent I go straight to the "source" and ask where my watch is. Normally this works like a charm because Brody will either point out the location of the item or will bring me what I am looking for.....key word:NORMALLY. However, this time my heart sank when he couldn't even find it. This watch was extra special because it was an anniversary gift from Mike last year and even though the watch itself can be replaced it has sentimental value that can never be replaced. 

Mike, Victoria and I have searched every inch of this 3,000 square foot house including the trash outside in the cans and it's M.I.A. -- not good. The only thing left to do is go back 24 hours to Saturday night.

We ate at a local Mexican place with 8 adults and 7 children....I will say it again....7 kiddos. It was beyond chaotic and once we were seated we questioned our stupidity (at least I did)! What in the world hell were we thinking?!?!? I knew it was going to be bad when:

a.) The waitress didn't speak English or Southern Ringading as my husband calls it. 
b.) Three people ordered wine and they only had enough for 2 glasses.
c.) They forgot to bring Brody's water and instead he had Coca-Cola.

Brody was running around like a kid on crack and refused to sit in his highchair. I can't blame him entirely because I was the one who let him drink the Coke and the other kids were running around so he just wanted in on the fun. When our dinner came out it was time for him to calm down and eat but I must have been the one on crack because that wasn't going to happen. I tried wrestling him into his seat but he won and I think my watch lost. It must have slipped off of my wrist during Round 1 (or 2 or 3). 

Of course, we called the restaurant and it was nowhere to be found. Mike even drove to the establishment and offered a reward. I know I will never see it again and that breaks my heart. I will get another watch eventually but it won't be the same nor will it be for the same meaning. 

Oh well, it is what it is. I don't even know if a lesson can be learned here because it was a freak accident and it's not like you look at your wrist every minute to make sure your watch is still there. I also didn't have one too many margarita's so I wasn't in a "happy hour" state of mind (maybe if I had been the dinner wouldn't have caused my OCD to be off the chain). 

With all of that being said a very important sliver of my heart is ticking away here in Albany but not in my home nor on my wrist. I hope wherever that sliver is that it's being worn with pride and it gives you as much joy as it gave me. 

Pretty, Isn't it?

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  1. It is beautiful.. So sorry you lost your watch.. It is just heartbreaking when something like this happens.. <3