January 26, 2011

Why does a Bird Sing?

Why do birds sing in the morning? It's the triumphant shout: "We got through another night!"
Enid Bagnold

Lately, I have been enjoying my bird feeder that sits outside of my kitchen window. I see all sorts of beautiful beings like Yellow Finches, Cardinals and Blue Birds. It's a reminder that even the smallest things are beautiful but often have it harder than humans. They don't live in a nice house that provides a fire to warm the home in the dead of winter. They don't have grocery stores & restaurants to go "pick something up" for dinner when they are too lazy to cook. The feathers are the only thing on their backs to keep them warm unlike our pricey jackets. They don't get to bathe themselves in a jacuzzi tub or shower. They don't have a private restroom to use when "mother nature" is calling. Their babies aren't delivered by a well certified team of nurses and Doctors. Their children aren't taught by the finest teachers, musicians & coaches around. But somehow, we never hear these precious creatures complain and we rarely stop to hear them sing.

However, I have stopped to listen and they have beautiful songs that they sing and more human like than one would think. They bicker among themselves, push and shove for the best spot at the feeder. The bigger and older birds always let the little ones take their turn first and then they fly in for their food. It's amazing to watch and you can honestly learn a lot from these teeny birds. 

And most importantly....Why do they sing in the morning while we are all bitching it was time to get up or we weren't feeling well? They are singing because they got through another night. 

Something to think about and maybe we should have their way of thinking. I know there are days I need to think like a bird and less like a human.

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