January 29, 2011


Friday was a great day in the Beemer house because a dream that our daughter has had for the past 3 years finally became reality for her yesterday. So the story goes....

Victoria has been involved in recreational soccer for the past 3 years and her goal has been to move away from recreational soccer and play for her school. Last year was her first experience when it came to "trying out" for a school team. After a long week of drills and conditioning the big day came where all of her hopes and dreams were completely crushed because she failed to make the team. I will never forget that day because it brought me back to a place that was all too familiar and it's a feeling that I would never want my child to feel. 

My dream in middle school was to make the CMS cheerleading squad. I had cheered for the Boys and Girls Club years before I entered middle school so I thought I was prepared to wear that cute little black and gold cheer uniform I so coveted. I did everything I was supposed to do; I practiced hard in front of my bedroom mirror for hours on end, kept my hands/fists in the right formation, kept my toes pointed and  practiced on having a "winners attitude" so I could come out looking confident. And above all of that.....I had the SPIRIT FINGERS and "letS GO" down to a science. In my mind I was a walking, talking, cheering machine. I was relieved when cuts came and went and thanks to my "spirit fingers" I made it through the cuts to the final try-out on stage.

I HAD THIS!! Um, maybe not. Maybe I wasn't reading the list right? Maybe they forgot my number? I know, I know, they had me mixed up with the other Jamie....that *had* to be it. I was D.E.L.U.S.I.O.N.A.L and was completely heart broken. I cried for days and my self of esteem was broken into a zillion pieces. My Daddy tried to pick me up and put me back together by getting me my very own phone line and a cool phone that had a answering machine but that still didn't help ease the pain. (I know for you youngins you don't understand the whole answering machine thing but it was huge back in the day)

Okay, snap out of Jamie, back to the blog and 2011. As you can see that pain is still *fresh* in my mind and that was over 20 years ago! That pain I never want Victoria or Brody to feel or have to deal with so this year when she bounced in the house announcing she was trying out for the LCMS soccer team my heart sank and my worries started. However, I encouraged her to do her best and told her we supported her whether she made the team or not. I think the past 3 days have been some of the longest days of my life!! I was a hot mess worrying about Victoria making the team and how we would handle it if her dream was crushed again. 

Cuts came and went and thankfully she made it through to the finals but that didn't ease my mind; it actually made me worry more. I knew she was so close to making the team that she could taste it and if her number wasn't on that paper Friday she would break into a million pieces and I would have to be the one to put her back together. Thursday night had to be the worst nights sleep that I have had in some time. Lunesta couldn't even keep me asleep. 

Mike and I were expecting a call first thing on Friday morning but the phone never rang. I kept thinking to myself that it was probably a good indication that number 55 wasn't on that dreaded piece of paper. Finally, after several hours of a non-existent phone call I decided to take matters into my own hands.....I called the school. I felt like an idiot but Mike and I *had* to know if she made the team because we couldn't take it any longer. The school receptionist made me feel a little better when she said I wasn't the first parent to call (Thank God). She took my name and number and told me she would call me back if Victoria's number was on the list. I felt like I could throw up as the minutes slowly passed by and then a miracle happened.....the phone rang and the caller ID showed LCMS was on the line. Could this really be it? Could this be the call that would make or break my day? Could this be the call that I knew would make my husbands eyes misty? Could this be the call that would give me the title "Soccer Mom"? 


Miss Victoria and her lovely number 55 was on the roster for the 2011 Soccer Season at LCMS!!! I don't think I have ever been so relieved in my entire life. I wouldn't have to console a heart broken little girl when her bus dropped her off at the driveway.  I couldn't believe I was so emotional over something like this. I was over the moon that she made the team and that all of her hard work finally paid off but I was somewhat sad because our little girl was growing up. 

Now our days will be even busier than they already are; they will be filled with practices, games, late nights doing homework but I am okay with it because knowing she is happy and living her "dream" is all that matters. 

Way to go Sweetpea. We are proud of you! xoxo


  1. I'm so happy she made the team!!! I know you were super worried about it and I'm glad her dream came true!!! And happy for you that you get to be a soccer mom!!! Yaaay!

  2. Thanks Marcie! I am so relieved but I also know this is going to be a very busy time of year for us. We have so much going on with my Pappaw and his cancer that it's going to be hard to add another thing to the "list" but we'll manage. <3

  3. So excited for you guys and Victoria.. :) I was following along on Mike's page and praying that she made it!