January 18, 2011

The Dreaded Word: Paint!

When we first moved into this beautiful home in Albany, Georgia I knew I would *finally* have the space for a much needed craft room that I had been fantasizing about for over a year. Like a excited little girl I ran upstairs and picked the room that would be my special slice of heaven. I was SO excited until I opened the door and was immediately suffocated by the 

Pepto Bismol Pink 

that consumed all 4 walls of my now shattered dream! My spirit and excitement were crushed right there in that moment....my husband hates painting! I knew this room would sit and sit and sit and sit. The only thing that would be crafting in there would be a spider making it's web!

Several weeks ago I decided to forgo the type of presents we normally exchange to celebrate our anniversary for more of a non-materialistic item. I wanted my craft room painted; I mean, I have patiently been waiting for this since October. I also figured a gallon of paint and a few hours of his time would be better for him in the end...its far cheaper than that bracelet I have been admiring in the window at Kay Jewelers! 

One coat up and one to go.....anyone want to take bets when that will happen?!?


  1. I love following you on facebook so I am excited about the blog. I love all of the crafts you do can't wait to see more. Oh, by the way our whole house was pepto pink and I was the one that painted it while shane worked we still have one room left and I don't want to tackle it yet. Good luck

  2. Thank you Stephanie! I hope you enjoy my blog and crazy family stories. <3

  3. How is your craft room coming along? Did the 2nd coat go up?