July 13, 2011


One of the major perks about being a Mom is all the sweetness that comes from your child's mouth. usually my child is bossing me around with his mouth and a "beady eyed" look but occasional something sweet pops out of his mouth like today.

Today was a "SKiDO" day so he was excited that he got to see the Fuller girls. My child is like a miniature Hugh Hefner....he loves all three of the girls but Mills is his "main squeeze". This started out as a love (him) / hate (her) relationship but I guess his charming ways have rubbed off on her....or it may be the fact that he let her drive his Ford F150 truck around the yard a couple of months back. Either way, I have a little guy on my hands who is head over heels for "his" Mills. He affectionately calls her "My Mills" when he talks to anyone about his love interest.

This afternoon when I picked my little guy up he went and told Miss Mills good-bye and she grabbed his cheeks and pulls his face to hers and planted a big kiss on his lips. I about died from the cuteness factor....I mean, seriously, that is entirely too sweet for words.

I also have to mention the other adorable thing that happened today after VBS.....Brody has "tickle bites". At first I had no idea what he was talking about but then I noticed he was pointing to his face which has a few mosquito bites on it from playing in the yard yesterday. Seriously, how cute is that!??!?!?

Tickle Bites.

I *LOVE* IT!!!!

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