July 16, 2011

Flippin' over Duster

If you flew over Albany, Georgia you would think you were flying over neighborhoods on the West Coast because almost EVERY.SINGLE.HOUSE (no matter how big or small) has a pool. The temperatures are so warm  HOT for a long period of time it's also a "must" when purchasing a home in the Deep South.

We loved the idea of having a pool when we first moved into our home but then it hit us that one of our family members didn't know how to swim and loved water. Brody is a few days away from turning three and he's our biggest concern when it comes to our pool.

When we first moved here everyone said that we had to get him into swim lessons with a lady named "Duster". She is supposedly like the "Dog Whisperer" when it comes to teaching your toddler how to swim....so I will call her the "Pool Whisperer".

After putting off lessons (and raising my Mother's blood pressure) for 9 months we decided it was time to get him enrolled in one of Duster's classes. As I expected she was pretty much booked through July so he will start the first week of August. His lessons will be four, thirty minute segments at $10 a lesson. Not bad when you think about this is potentially a life saving class. We did have to buy the cute little flippers that Brody is modeling above as well as some goggles. Right now he thinks these are cool we'll see what he thinks after the first day.

I have also been warned that viewing these lessons aren't for the weak at heart. Her exact words to me were "By day two you will want to kick my teeth in". Really?!? I have been told by a friend that if you baby your child during the sessions she will send the parent inside for the remainder of the session (Insert: Picture of USMC Drill Sgt). Duster is tough as nails and doesn't put up with nonsense. Kind of scary if you ask me but if it gets my child swimming then I can suck it up and put my big girl panties on.

Until the lessons start in August I will keep the cute little image above in mind and tell myself that it's all good.....for now.

Updates coming in early August.

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