July 15, 2011

"I can't want it"

I really hate to wish my days away but yesterday was one of those days that you just want to end. It's the day that your kid decides to turn into a mini devil and stay that way ALL DAY LONG. I am not sure what happened while my child slept the night before but he woke up being mean as a snake and thought it would be fun to boss me around all day. He also thought it would be fun to verbally and physically abuse me...as much as a kid can.

It started with breakfast (which is always a fiasco) and lasted until his early departure for bedtime. He woke up not wanting a thing to eat except chocolate chip cookies. I tried everything that is *supposed* to be good for you only to end up caving in just so he would eat something. Next it was time to get dressed and he is now at the age where he tells ME what HE is going to wear. I picked out his favorite Dinasaur shirt to wear only for him to turn into a howling banshee screaminng "I can't want it, Mommy, I can't want it"!!! He later calmed down enough where I could understand what he wanted....he wanted to wear his shirt with the dump truck on it. Go figure. If he has an opinion on what he wants to wear this early on in his life then I am in a world of trouble....I mean, he is only a few days shy of three.

His self absorbed attitide lasted throughout the day when he was upset his Sissy got to go bowling and he didn't. He doesn't understand that Sissy is 11 years older than he is and won't (and doesn't want to be) a permant fixture to his side 24/7! She does have a life and sometimes it doesn't include him. Poor fella. I do feel bad for him when it comes to his relationship with her because he's just too young to understand and too young not to get his feelings hurt when she "disses" him for friends and activities. I tried to make-up for it today by going to his favorite fast food chain; McDonald's.......however, I ordered his usual -- a chicken nugget Happy Meal and that wasn't even right?! The child has never eaten anything else but nuggets from there but once I again I heard "I can't want it". Really?!?

We're also having a battle with the amount of time he is consuming with his favorite TV shows. I like the idea he is learning stuff from Handy Manny, Dora the Explorer, Backyardingans and Oliva but I am also missing out on some of my TV time! He won't budge when it comes to sharing the TV time and it's about to drive me insane. I think we all may have to take a vacation from TV land to prove a point to the little guy. I'm not sure how many times I can keep repeating these cartoon theme songs in my head before I go nuts. It's also sad when you're child answers you in Spanish when his language is English. I brought him a drink the other day and he resonded "Gracias". Wow.

So, I will end with  is..... this Mommy "Can't want it" any more!

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