July 20, 2011

Packing Memories

Tomorrow we will be heading to Concord for a long weekend to celebrate Brody turning three! So that means I have been busy doing last minute loads of laundry and packing as I go.

I always feel so anxious when I pack for a trip because I always feel like I am not packing something I should and it's magnified by 100 when I am planning a party 8 hours away from home!

We decided to have Brody's party this year at my parents because a.) it's cooler there than here b.) our entire family and close friends live in Concord c.) and lastly (and the saddest) this is probably the last Birthday that my Pappaw will be able to celebrate with Brody.

I always tend to over pack which every single time I return home and have 50 loads of laundry to do I remind myself not to pack so much the next time....never fails....I still over pack.

With that being said, I better quit blogging and get back to packing!

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