April 19, 2011

Binky Blues

Tonight I was faced with a Mommy's worst nightmare...mending the dreaded worn baby blanket. Brody calls his blankets (yes, blankets, he has two of them) "Binks or Binkies" and they are a necessity in our every day life. Brody has to have his binks at naptime, bedtime, roadtrips and when he is under the weather. Needless to say they are a very important part of our life and they keep my little man happy. 

It seems like yesterday that I was standing in Babies-R-Us searching for the *perfect* blanket for my unborn child. I was about 6 months pregnant and I was adamant about buying him the exact same baby blanket that I had growing up; a pale yellow thermal blanket with satin trim. I was ecstatic when I found them and I decided to pick up two; one for Brody and one for Alex. I know buying a baby blanket for your dog sounds a little outrageous but I had read online that if you give your dog something that smells like the baby then your pet will be more comfortable with the new addition. I figured I would wrap Brody in it while we were in the hospital and let Alex have it afterwards to get accustomed to his scent. After all, Alex had been my "baby" for a long time and I knew he would have some issues with being ignored and second so I wanted to make the transition easy for him. 

Needless to say, Brody held on to both blankets and they have been with him since the day he was born! We were lucky in the pacifier department because Brody never liked his and would spit them out....he had already found comfort in sucking on his blankets. It's probably not the safest or most sanitary thing but it keeps him happy and asleep. 

The only downfall to his blanket sucking habit is they get dirtier and worn out quicker than the average blanket. His poor little satin trimmed binky has seen it's share of better days and tonight I had to do the unthinkable. I had noticed last week that the satin trim was starting to come apart from the actual thermal blanket and was potentially a choking hazard so as much as I hated to take the scissors to the beloved blanket I had to do what was the safest thing and cut the worn shred off. It honestly broke.my.heart

Call me a sap but it was really a hard thing to do and it was just another reminder of how fast he is growing up. However, I have a little peace of mind that I have TWO binks to hold *me* over for a while...notice that I said "me"...I think they are more of a security blanket for this Momma than they are for my son. 

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