April 10, 2011

Break Is Over - Yesssss!

Hip, Hip, Hooray....Hip, Hip, Hooray....Today was the last day of Spring break for the kids from Lee County Schools so guess what that means?!?!? Once tomorrow rolls around we will officially be back to our old schedules and Lord, do I love having a schedule and sticking with it. When holiday breaks for school come around I kind of wince and whine about it because I am the worlds worst when it comes to being around kids 24/7 without a break. I really do enjoy the hours when the kids are doing their school thing because it allows me to do my stuff around the house without being bothered and I can take care of errands that need to be ran.  I feel like with the kids out of school I get behind with everything and it's just that much harder to get back in the swing of things after having a "break" from it all. I mean, don't get me wrong, I did enjoy having the kids and their company this week but I think that Victoria is more than happy to go back to school so she can see her friends and boyfriend. Breaks to her are like being grounded because it forces her to go a week without the normal drama from the usual day to day activities that are going on in the 8th grade. Ah, the pain <hear the sarcasm> of losing a whole week with friends, drama and school work. That's gotta suck <insert eye roll>.

I am really excited about this coming week because Brody starts preschool on Tuesday after being out for a month!!! Yes, FOUR whole weeks!!! Talk about insanity. I would probably have to commit myself somewhere if he were out another week. He was out 2 weeks for that nasty flu bug we had and then Mom was here last week and they were closed for Spring Break this week. The poor kid will not have a good first day back (because he's been out so long) and I will probably leave him at his classroom door screaming but he has GOT.TO.GO and I will *not* look back once he's dropped off! This Momma needs a kidless day and Tuesday can not come soon enough! 

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