April 5, 2011

Hues of Blues

Today was a pretty exciting afternoon when it came to my special haven in our house...the master bedroom. As I mentioned in an earlier post we finally got around to having the painters come this weekend to paint our bedroom a beautiful new shade of blue. I honestly can't believe I am admitting that because there was a time in my life where I would have refused to let any of the walls in my house be blue. As a child both of my grandmothers loved the color "Country Blue" and their house was covered from the carpet up in the putrid color. As I have aged a little I find myself picking out certain hues of blue in every aspect of my life....clothes, accessories and decor. Granted, I still *hate* the "Country Blue" color but I do seem to like the other lighter shades. 

We agreed to go against all of our usual paint picks and choose a color that was new for our bedroom and I am so glad we did! I am in LOVE with our new shade of Agave Blue. It's so serene and peaceful...it reminds me of a spa and what girl doesn't love the spa? 

One of my biggest "wants" during this whole new bedroom redecorating phase was to purchase new linens and a comforter set. We have been sleeping on the same two sets of sheets for almost 5 years now and it was time to fold those up and stash them in the linen closet. I loved our old sheets because they were so soft and the thread count was heaven but they had seen their better days. Our duvet comforter has also seen it's share of better days so I wanted something new in that department too. I am kind of over the whole "Duvet" phase because we have 2 covers for ours and it seems like you pay a fortune for something that is really nothing more than two pieces of fabric sewn together (Hmmm, future sewing project??? possibly). Today I was looking at new coverlets and they were $100 and that was without shams or a bed skirt and I just couldn't bring myself to buy one. Call me cheap but it seemed like a huge waste.

I bought a new set of sheets at Wal-Mart this past Saturday and about died when I forked over $70 for 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets but I kept telling myself the old ones did last 5 years so it was worth the money. I couldn't find any coverlet or comforter set there that I fancied so I decided to give Stein Mart a try and I came out a winner!

Stein Mart is usually hit or miss with me and today I hit pretty big when it came to a comforter set. I found an awesome deal on a set that matched our room perfectly and the price was reasonable. It was your  typical "bed in a bag" without the sheets which was fine because those had already been purchased. 

Now I am laying in bed...recouping from a dinner that turned my tummy sour but at least I can feel somewhat better sleeping in my freshly painted bedroom with beautiful new bedding!! 

(Bedroom picture is from Google; not our own goods )

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