April 8, 2011

The Zoo Crew....stalkers and all.

The past week while Lee County schools were celebrating Spring Break, Susie and I really tried to keep the days busy, busy, busy, so we wouldn't have to hear the annoyed groans like "I'm bored" or "What's next" from Victoria, Brody and Will. Annelise was added into the mix later in the day when she was picked up from Montessori School

Yesterday we decided after lunch at Pearly's Famous Country Cooking that we should head to the Parks at Chehaw so we could explore the zoo and bask in the sun. This has been my first time at the park since moving here. We did ride through their Christmas light exhibit but that was always at night and animals were not part of that exhibit. The Blake family are complete zoo nerds so they already have a membership and after the wonderful time we had I can say our membership is right around the corner. It's so totally worth the money because it's something we can take the kids to on the weekends and when the school is closed. I can also take Brody there during the week to do something fun and educational when he's not in preschool. Sounds like a win/win situation if you ask me!

While at the zoo we enjoyed seeing the Alligator exhibit which had tons of gaters sleeping in the sun. Brody called these huge monsters, "Dinosaurs". I got a lesson from Susie on the different type of snakes and which ones we need to look out for here in Albany....rattlesnakes. Really??!? I mean, the scariest one of them all in my book and they are everywhere around our location in the Deep South. I can't believe I slept last night after seeing that thing! I don't do snakes.

We all enjoyed the Meerkat exhibit because they are the CUTEST things ever and have so much personality! They reminded me of little Alex's running around. I seriously wish they could be domestic animals because I would beg for one!

After spending time at the zoo it was time to leave and go get Miss Annelise from school.It was still early so we decided to continue the fun and find Paula Deen's childhood home that is only a couple miles away from both of our homes. Yes, I will repeat it....We only lives a few miles from Paula Deen's childhood home! 

(Can Albany/Leesburg seriously get any better?!?!? )

We entered the coordinates into the GPS and we were on our merry way to Southern bliss *squeals*! As we rounded the corner to her street my heart sank because this once cute community has now turned into the G.H.E.T.T.O a less than desirable location. I am sure that poor little house has had more than food cooking in that kitchen these days. It's actually for rent and if I had it in me I would love to go back to check it out on the inside but I don't think I feel safe enough to go back into the neighborhood. You could tell that this once cute street had seen it's share of better days. Nonetheless, we got to see what most won't or can't see so I am happy. It's something that Susie and I can say "We've been there, done that". 

After feeling somewhat brokenhearted over poor Paula's house we took the kids to the Turtle Park in Albany and that was definitely a good decision! I had never been to this park and I am glad we got to go because it was a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e and had 2 playgrounds depending on your age (which is a life saver when you have a toddler). The park has so much to offer children of all ages so it's something we will frequent this spring/summer.

Yippeeeeee for surviving Spring Break with the children. I think they enjoyed themselves and we ended up having a blast, too. 

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  1. We had SUCH a ball with y'all this week! YAY!!! I am *SO THANKFUL* you're here!!!!!