November 18, 2011

Holiday "Ho Hmmmm's"....

I am one who can't wait to get through summer so I can celebrate my 3 favorite holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I honestly LIVE for these three occasions. However, it hit me today while I was in a discussion  disagreement with my significant other that even though I love these occasions they bring me the most stress. I worry about the preparation of the meals, decor, and I am really overly OCD about it all. This Thanksgiving will be especially difficult for me because I am sharing my kitchen with Mike's Aunt who will be flying in from Colorado. Southern Thanksgiving's differ HUGELY from Thanksgivings out West. So we are kind of doing a South meets West dinner and I am so stressed out about it. Don't ask why, I know it will turn out perfectly as it always does but the stress of it all will be brewing inside me until I eat my last bite of turkey and dressing. I need to learn to let go and be thankful that I have someone to help me with the preparation of a large meal but I don't think it's in my DNA. So I may have to have a bit of wine to help me get through it all. It will be 5 o'clock somewhere in the Beemer Bistro on the 24th starting at 11 am when the cooking commences. Cheers!

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