November 10, 2011

Rosie's O-Mazing Pot Roast (Have to Share)

When my Pappaw passed away we were given loads of food from friends and family and there was one meal that my Dad and I could not get enough of....Rosie Culbreth's Pot Roast. It was the closest thing that I have eaten that compared to my Mammaw's Pot Roast so you know I *had* to have the recipe to cook for my family back in Georgia. My husband is a Pot Roast connoisseur so I will be anxious to see what he says about our meal tonight!!! So on to the recipe....make sure you have a crockpot (Yay, that makes this recipe even better -- easy cooking and easy clean up!!!).

(I used a 2.5lb Chuck Roast)

Season meat with Salt and Pepper and brown Roast on all sides with 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil on High Heat. Put Roast in Crockpot with Lipton Onion Soup (just the packet; no liquid). Add Worcestershire Sauce until the bottom of the Crock pot is covered. Cook on High for 6 hours. Peel 6-8 small/medium potatoes and place under roast. Add a bag of small baby carrots on top along with another packet of Lipton Onion Soup. Add enough water to cover the entire Roast. (I may try beef stock but her recipe called for water). After the ingredients are added cook for another 2 hour; voila' your meal is done!!

Thanks Rosie for the great recipe!! This is something that I will continue to cook for our family.

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