November 2, 2011

I'm Thankful...

Last year two new traditions were started in the Beemer house thanks to ideas from a few of my Facebook friends. The first tradition I started was each day in November my status update will read something I am thankful about. We all spend so much time griping or blabbing about nothing that it's nice to take 30 days out of a month and think about something we are truly grateful and thankful for. Halfway through you really have to start to think about them because they don't come rolling off your fingertips as fast as they did in the beginning. That to me is sad, but I am guilty.

The second "new" tradition we have is our "Thankful Tree". I go out in the woods pick up a few long branches and stick them in a large vase full of seed (so they will stand) and place it on our front porch with all the fall decor. Every day each family member fills out what they are grateful for on a leaf made out of construction paper; that leaf is then placed on the tree with ribbon. Sometimes I have to push a few family members to add theirs but they do and at the end of November we have a full and beautiful tree. When November is over I take the leaves off and place them in a Ziploc bag and save them to look back on. I have already went through last years and a few warmed my heart, made me smile and chuckle. Making memories....that's what this stay-at-home Momma likes to do.

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