November 3, 2011

What's so special about a number?

I have asked myself quiet frequently what is so important about a telephone number? I mean it's just a number, right? The more I thought about it the sadder I became because the number I had on my mind was 782-6320. That set of  numbers I have dialed a million times but in a matter of one day, I no longer had a reason to call because my "reason" no longer resided at that number. Heartbreaking. I can remember calling that number as a little girl excited to ask my Mammaw & Pappaw if I could spend the night or if they could come get me so I could come play. I would call them with exciting news from school like good report cards or receiving special awards.

As I got older the questions turned into what time do I need to be there for lunch or dinner. I ate at my grandparents house every day for lunch once I went to college and Sunday dinners were a did not miss those.

Once I moved out on my own the calls were to confirm if I was coming over for lunch on my lunch break at work. Mammaw always cooked for me if I was coming and I was a permanent fixture at their dinner table Monday - Friday until my Mammaw became sick with Leukemia.

As I got older the calls became less frequent but I did do my best to call and check in on my grandparents on a weekly basis. I called to check on my Mammaw and her illness. I called to let them know what was going on in my busy chaotic world of racing. They were so proud of that. Their "darling" was involved in a sport that shutdown the house on Sunday's after dinner.  

But it still brings me back to the fact the feeling I feel knowing I will no longer dial that number. Over 30 years of dialing it and as of 2 weeks ago the number has been disconnected and no longer in service. Honestly, that is how I feel.....disconnected.

I will no longer hear my Pappaw's voice on the other end asking how "His Boy" (Brody) is doing and how "Sugarfoot" (myself) was getting along. I will no longer hear how I am missed or when am I coming to visit again. I will no longer say "Goodbye Pappaw, I love you" and I will never ever hear " I love you too, Sugarfoot".

I guess the moral of this tiny blurb of a blog is don't take the smallest things for granted because one day they may not seem so small.

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  1. Disconnected...that's a *PERFECT* explanation!

    My two disconnecteds at 786-0330 and 782-3812...