November 28, 2011

It was a Wine and Country Song type of day....

Today was one of those days that a drunken country song writer could have possibly made his biggest hit with. My life is not close to being called boring; it's borderline crazy at all times. You NEVER know what could happen in the Beemer household.

My day started off great (yay) with girl talk at Starbucks with Susie but quickly went down the drain afterwards. I was supposed to help tutor at my underprivileged school today but learned I had looked at the wrong time to do so and that upset me. I look forward to seeing my two little students once or twice a week and I was really ready to see them after the Thanksgiving break at school. So I was a bit bummed when that plan didn't work out.

Next plan was to order our Christmas cards online since I already had the picture in mind that I wanted to use. I pondered over Wal-Marts photo lab online for hours and finally picked the perfect card and I was all excited until it came to checking out and that particular store had issues with their one hour printing and it was down for the day. *Gasp and tears*. My next best option was the Wal-Mart in the ghetto of Albany but I was determined to get those darn cards out this week so I ordered from there. By the time I picked up Brody at daycare the cards *should* be done and I would be on my merry little way home in a matter of no time. WRONG!!!!!!!! I picked up Brody and headed over to the ghetto WM only to stand in line behind a bunch of layaway customers because that is where this particular WM decided to set up their  headquarters for layaway. I patiently waited for 10 minutes until I was rather irritated and I asked about my pictures that I just had received an email alert that they were ready.....ummmm, "No, Maam, not yet". WTF. Are you kidding me???  I received an alert saying they were ready but they were only halfway through according to the photo lap tech. You gotta be kidding me After not so patiently waiting they were done in about another 30 minutes. I was just happy to have the things that I paid and went on my way trying to not cuss the next person I came in contact with out.

Brody and I finally got home and what I was hoping would be a quiet two hours of blissful sleep on Brody's part turned into a banshee screaming for over an hour! He refused to take a nap and was a very unhappy camper about the whole nap scenario. After hearing him play, cry, plead and  beg for two hours I finally went up and got him so he would be quiet. I couldn't take the noise any longer. So the next best thing was a quiet Brody watching Dora the Explorer. Things could be worse, I Barney worse. I just had to watch the "Gooey Guiser" episode 20 times to make the little guy happy. You know, it's the small things on a toddlers part.

As dinner time closed in I thought things would get better but they only got worse. Brody was a tiny terror and Vic was telling me how articles out of her art box at school was stolen. NEWS FLASH: Jamie breaks into the bottle of wine at this point. I can NOT take any more. I failed to mention that I had already been through two sets of clothes today because our dog Lucy continues to break out of her yard and roams freely until caught. She weighs as much as I do so you can see how that can be a problem especially on a pouring, muddy type of day. I was DONE and wine sounded GOOD.

After all of this I was reminded that my Birthday is this Thursday. Not sure how I feel about it. I also can't remember if I am turning 32 or 33. You kind of stop counting after a while. I don't care about it really. I want to celebrate it....not my age but just the fact I made it through another blessed year. That's all one can ask for even if your day was full of screw ups like mine was today :)

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  1. Bless your heart!!!! I'm ready to go back to Starbucks as soon as you are to press reset on life. :-)