May 15, 2011


The weekend came, went and I am happy to say that I felt pretty darn good for most of it! FINALLY!!! I *think* that the nasty part of this horrible sinus infection that I had plaguing me for 10 long days has moved on it's cruddy little way. I am praying I do not encounter anything like it for a very long time because it ranked pretty high on my "What death feels like" list. 

Friday I ventured away from my bed and went to lunch with Susie. While most of my lunch from the Cookie Shoppe was untouched (I had no appetite) it was still nice to get out of the house and the stale smell of my room that I had barricaded myself in for so long. It was a short trip out but put some fresh air in my lungs, sunlight on my pale skin, good Vegetable soup in my tummy and allowed me to have some good girlfriend time. The lunch was short and sweet but very meaningful.

Saturday was a chaotic afternoon of me running around like a crazy lady trying to make 3 different parties  from 2 o'clock  thru  6 o'clock!! At first I was like any crazy lady thinking that it sounded completely normal and could be done. No worries, right? Um, sorta once I really stepped back and looked at the bigger picture! I made promises and I was keeping them. So that's just what I did even though it was a pretty stressful couple of hours.

Early Saturday I went to my new girlfriend, Laura Register's 1st Mary Kay party. I really wanted to attend this function  because it was he first party and she was really excited about her new venture into the MK world and I wanted to show her that I would support her and her new business.

After spending a little too much time at the party we were delayed to our next stop....a Birthday party for one of Brody's little classmates. It was held at a local gym here in town but we were over an hour late so he missed the jumping so we skipped right to the good stuff --- the Birthday cake, cookies and ice cream. He was happy with that and I was glad we were able to make it and let Brody and Daniel play even if it was only towards the end of the event. I know they had fun so that is all that matters in my book!!

Once we were finished with the last Birthday party we had to rush home because we were having the Fuller's over to grill out for dinner and let the kids swim in the pool. It was a fantastic evening for it because it was cooler and the gnats seemed less bothersome than usual. (Yes, we have gnats here in Georgia.) Everyone had a great time and we spent the night filling our bellies with hamburgers and hot dogs. I am sure all of the kids slept well last night because they played a lot out in the pool and running around the yard.

Today I did my shopping run to Publix to pick up a few items for the week. Even though we do our main shopping every other week I tend to have to back once a week to get more fruits, milk or lunch making stuff. It is always something when it comes to groceries!! I also never walk out of there without spending $100...It's impossible for me. 

All afternoon I worked on getting Victoria's teachers gifts ready for school so she could take them tomorrow. I made each teacher a monogrammed glass filled with candy. I really hope that they like them because Victoria and I thought that turned out perfect! I really should start selling  these types of things on because they are great gifts. 

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