May 21, 2011

Paint the World...Pink.

I am obsessed with frills, bows and pink thanks to a visit with my friend, Lacy and her two beautiful baby girls Adelyn and Braylin yesterday.

My girlfriend Lacy was blessed with two healthy baby girls in March and I was finally able to meet these tiny little miracles in person yesterday and I have now been bitten by the "pink bug".

Of course meeting them was a fabulous excuse to do some shopping for them so I headed to the cutest little boutique in downtown Concord called "Audreys" and I think I could have stayed in there for hours just browsing their seemingly never ending supply of dresses, hairbows and frilly underpants. The store is busting at the seams with cuteness. I don't think they even have room in the store to add any more merchandise because the place is covered from the floor to the ceiling in the most adorable things for your child....mostly for the little girl in your life.

As most of you know, I have a 14 year old daughter and I started raising her in the 3rd grade so I missed the whole "frilly" stage of her life. I was able to pick out her clothes for about 3 years or so and then she turned into your typical pre-teen who hated everything I liked so she has been dressing herself ever since. She never wore the big bows in her hair and you could forget about all of the poofy pink dresses...Victoria wasn't into any of that. I think being raised by her Daddy had a lot to do with her style because she had a lot of tomboy in her when I first came into her life and I managed to suck some of that out and add a little fluff (but not enough in my opinion).

After spending an hour in the boutique my arms were full and I knew that I needed to get out of the store ASAP! Thankfully everything in the store was half off so I managed to leave without damaging our checking account...believe me, I could have spent a salary in there even with the stuff half off. I fell in love with every.single.thing that the store had to offer. My heart melts over Seersucker outfits and I am shocked I didn't have heart failure browsing through all of the racks of dresses and overhaul sets! I was in heaven!!

It's probably a good thing that Brody is a boy because I don't think my husband could afford to dress a little girl. I would have every frill, fluff and bow that I could get my hands on!! The poor child would need a separate room for a closet because I would have an addiction to buying fru-fru outfits and cute bows to match every ensemble! I would have no self control -- seriously.

I will never have a little girl of my own so I guess I will live vicariously through all of my girlfriends who can dress their little princess from head to toe in pink fluff!!

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  1. I am willing to bet if Brody was a girl.. you and your sewing machine would be BFFs and you would probably be making all the pretties as crafty and talented as you are.. :)