May 22, 2011

Love Never Fails

I am on night no. 4 without my husband and I must say that I am missing him terribly. Although, I know that the time away from one another has done our hearts (and mental state) some good it has been difficult to be away from my very best friend for what seems like weeks!

You honestly never know how much a person truly means to you or how much you depend on them until they aren't in your every day life, schedule and/or routine. I guess that is why we easily take one another for granted so easily because we're rarely apart. My husband doesn't know what I do all day until I am gone (and he still doesn't totally grasp it because he hasn't had Brody alone) and I don't see everything he does for me until he's not present. And it's not even physical stuff that I am talking about either (like taking out the trash, laying Brody down to bed, etc.) it's more the emotional level of our relationship that I miss when I am not by his side.

I miss getting my daily kiss on the forehead before he heads out the door to work...granted, I am half asleep and a bit groggy but I know I am supposed to have one every morning. I miss laying in bed with him at night catching up on our DVR'd shows from the week while he is beating my ass at some word game on our phone. I miss holding his hand while I am falling asleep hours after he has passed out in the bed. It's those little things that are really big things when you take the time to reflect and put it all in perspective.

My marriage with Mike means more to me than I will ever be able to write in a blog, express in a card or speak freely about to friends and family. I can't explain the love, admiration and attraction that I have with this man. He keeps me on my toes, he keeps me fired up and spitting nails, he keeps me grounded, he keeps me somewhat sane even though he does question my sanity, he keeps me being "me". I can only explain it in car terms...he's my oil...without oil in a car your engine will cease up and die. Mike is pretty much the person that keeps me held together and without him I really miss him and I am not running as well as I should be.

So enough of my mushy crap...I saw the following two pics and I really loved them and thought I would share. It's definitely what I am after in life...particularly with my better half.

I do love seeing this and I pray for it every night:

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  1. Aw <3 I think this is so very sweet.. and LOVE that you said this about Mike.. many people don't say this about their spouses.. even though they feel it.. and it goes unnoticed until it's too late.. I feel the same way about my husband.. we've been together 10 yrs.. married for (this year) will be 8.. and he STILL gives me butterflies.. like you said.. it's the little things people take for granted in your day to day lives that truly mean so much.. those little things are the big things that add up to so very much.. <3 Huge hugs to you.. You will be with your heart soon.. <3