May 16, 2011

One Day To Go!

I am so super excited because today it was confirmed that I will be heading to my hometown on Wednesday and I will be able to stay for FIVE very long days!! I am thrilled about this trip and it is so needed for eVeRYoNe involved. I have not been back to Concord since Christmas and it's really starting to get to me a little more each week. As we get further into 2011 there is always a little sadness that comes along with it because I know that it's because my family is there and I am here and there is nothing that can change that distance right now nor anytime soon. This is the situation and we need to make the best of it and just visit when we can. Hence, that is why I am doing what I am doing this Wednesday, I am leaving Albany for a while to go back and spend time with my parents, friends and Pappaw. I need to clear my head from all of the stress I have had on myself lately (most self induced stress) and take the time to let myself relax, regroup and soak up all the hugs, talks and kisses from my parents while I am there. I look at it as going to rehab for the soul and mine desperately needs it!

Brody is always excited to go anywhere that Nannee will be. He will be so hyper and excited to know we will be there several days for him to hoop, holler and play all weekend and have his Nannee at his side for the entire visit. He doesn't let her get very far and she is just as bad. She spoils him rotten while he is there and does everything he asks her too. She wouldn't have it any other way though.

I do hate leaving my other half of the family for a week but I think it's going to be good for all of us. I think we all needed a "break" from each other. We have had a very stressful 8 months since moving to Georgia and we all handled that stress differently. I think the two people that suffered the most through the whole ordeal was Mike, I and our marriage. We by no means are headed for divorce but we do need to step outside of the current situation and figure out what to fix that's been damaged so we can make it right. Both of our attitudes became crummy after the move and we took out a lot of our frustrations and worries on each other instead of talking through them. Those frustrations have led themselves into many stupid bickering sessions that should have never taken place. 

I am hoping this trip away gives our marriage the break it needs to mend itself and us. We both need some just "us" time to unwind and relax. I also think being a part for a few days will be good for us because after those 5 long days without one another we should miss each other terribly. We really need a vacation away together somewhere but with lack of family around here it's very hard to make trips like that. You hate to dump your kids off on friends for a weekend and that's almost in the realm of asking them to do entirely too much for you. Your kids are personal and that is a huge responsibility so using them should be for desperate measures and I am not that desperate.....yet. Not saying I would never do it...believe me, if it was bad enough and my parents couldn't help I would ask without hesitation!!! 

So, tomorrow my day will be doing laundry and packing for the little guy and me. We will be hitting the road very early on Wednesday morning because of the 8 hour trip that I will taking with Brody and Alex. I think we will fair okay and get there in one piece. Prayers are welcome  though....we need any help we can get!!!! This will be my first major long road trip so I am hoping it goes safely and smoothly for all of those involved. I am sure I have a couple of little ladies up above watching out for me so I'm confident it will all turn out just fine! However, I do feel bad for my husband who will have an ulcer from worrying too much, my Mom who will pace the floors until I get there and my Dad who will bite every single nail he has left on his finger off until they all know I am safe and sound. 

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  1. Good for you!!! And you will be totally fine driving! :-) We're still going up Memorial Day weekend on the 27th b/c we have to wait until school is out; I haven't been since Christmas before we even knew we were moving, either! :-P This isn't the weekend your parents are going out of town, is it? You'll get such good quality time!!! I know exactly how desperate you feel to get there - I don't feel much like that now, b/c our move brought us halfway CLOSER to home & back to our home culture, so I *do* feel close living here; but your move took you twice as far away, and I know how that makes your stomach churn with stress. When we moved to MI, I truly felt like I was going to *DIE* if I couldn't get home every 4 months or so. I churned over it every single day, and my heart ached for it almost 24/7! It WILL be so healing & therapeutic!!!