February 8, 2011

Crappy Carts

When I was childless going to the grocery store was NO problem. I got a cart, went on my merry little way and filled it up to the rim. I never thought twice about what cart I was going to get and honestly, it never crossed my mind....EVER.

However, I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy two years ago and my shopping trips have never been the same. Never, in a million years would I have thought that a shopping trip could turn very, very, very bad before we ever went through the sliding glass doors! 

Whoever made the lovely "kid friendly" shopping carts to the right needs to be fired shot immediately. This person has made every single shopping experience a living hell for me as a parent. I can't even begin to express how much I H-A-T-E these stupid little racecar carts. Plain and simple; they suck! Obviously they thought it was a *BRILLIANT* idea but the moron must have never went shopping with a kid. These type of things are a parents worst nightmare and they are rapidly catching on to almost every.single.store that I shop at!!! I can't get away from them no matter how hard I try.

I know you are probably thinking why can't I just put my child in a normal cart but that's not an option once my little guy has laid eyes on the prize. I mean, seriously, if you saw this at his age would you want to ride in anything different? Probably not. He is too smart for his own good because he can scope these hot rods out before I have a chance to maneuver my way around them. I try to avoid these at all costs but lately I think they are giving them away for free because the stores I frequent have a ton available for his riding pleasure. Brody will have a complete meltdown if he sees one of these and he's not in one. I have tried bribing him when it comes to this issue and it does not work. There isn't a piece of chocolate, drink, snack or toy that is better than a ride in the racecar cart. 

Brody doesn't have a problem with the cart because he doesn't have to push it around the store. My son gets to "make believe" that he's driving so in his little world it all good...in my world, not so much. Pushing one of these things around is torture and that is BEFORE it's filled up with several weeks worth of groceries. Pushing it is like trying to park a large SUV in a compact car parking spot or trying to parallel park with a limousine. NOT TOO GOOD. It's horrendous. Unlike cars, these carts do not turn on a dime and you don't have brakes. It's a major "cart accident" waiting to happen. Once my cart is filled up it's nearly impossible to push or turn it; I look like an idiot trying to. You KNOW it's bad when people ask you if you need help with your cart...could it get any more humiliating?!?

So, to whomever the responsible party is for coming up with these glorious buggies I would like to give you a BIG shout out....


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  1. Ok, so I know I shouldn't be laughing.. but I can't help it.. I think I'm laughing 'cause I agree with everything you wrote.. Ahh.. So sorry you go through this.. it really is a nightmare..