February 22, 2011

Really??? %$^&*!!!

Today was one of those days that I was faced with several of my pet peeves. The list below does have some exceptions so don't take it too personally. I am blaming these peeves on my OCD even though I know that isn't a real excuse....but I am sticking with that because it makes me feel normal :) These are not in any particular order! Here goes.....

Arrogant people really get under my skin; I honestly think it's a sign of major insecurity. They need to get over themselves.

People who take their TIME while walking in a cross walk. It really pisses me off when I actually stop to let you go and it takes 10 minutes for you to cross. I am not talking about people who have a legitimate reason; those people, I completely "get". 

Individuals who are not a "people person" but continue to work in the Customer Service field. Don't you know the "Customer is ALWAYS right". No.Matter.What!

Dishes being left in *my* (not anyone elses) sink when the dishwasher is available and willing to accept them! To me it's a sign of laziness. There is no way it takes you longer to put them in the dishwasher; if you want to place them in the sink then start washing them by hand. 

Okay, so this one may strike a nerve in a few readers but it's a major peeve of mine. I can.not.stand when someone has a handicapped sticker/plate and abuses it. Yes, I know you may have some sort of "illness" or disability that can't be seen by the naked eye but does it *really* qualify you to get a parking spot right up front when you are capable of walking? The worst is seeing someone who needs the space and can't use it because your ass is to lazy to walk.

This sign is self explanatory -- what is up with gas prices? Today it was $3.14 a gallon. I have a Suburban and let me tell you....it feels like a crime every time we fill it up. I could be a little more graphic but you get the point. 

Old drivers that are still allowed to get a license and roam the roads when they really do not need one. I am not referring to slow drivers (even though that gets on my nerves, too) but the drivers who honestly are a hazard to MY health and theirs behind the wheel. If you have to think twice about your elderly parent or grandparent driving then you should really consider taking their car keys. 

Ah, another driving peeve....Texting while driving! This is the most dangerous thing you could do behind the wheel besides driving drunk. I know we all have probably done it once or twice so I am not going to say I am innocent BUT....I do know it's wrong, very dangerous and deadly and I honestly try not to do it. The ones that make me see RED are the drivers who are texting, smoking and changing gears. Really??? 

This is another "home" type pet peeve (also gets me in a public restroom but that's more of an inconvenience) that drives me up the wall!!! I never.ever.ever run out of TP in our house and I keep rolls underneath every bathroom counter and there is always spare somewhere under our roof. If you use the last piece of toilet paper, please....please....please....replace the roll. Is it that hard? It also makes me wonder how well you wiped your privates which is a gross thought in itself. 

So, I guess I did save one of the BIGGEST for last....this peeve makes me want to ram my Suburban in the back of the vehicle waiting on that "perfect" spot. You have to know what I am talking about....the ones who wait for the closest spot when they may have already passed 1 or 2 good ones but are too lazy to walk the extra 5, 10, 15 feet?? I love it when I am behind that person, find a place to park and get inside the store while they are STILL waiting for *their* spot. And before anyone gets their panties in a wad, I understand somewhat if your elderly and have issues walking, you have a arm full of kids or it's raining like mad.

Alrighty, getting all of that off my chest made me feel better :)

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