February 4, 2011

Snazzy Duds for a Washout!

Tonight is my favorite night of the week....Date Night!!! Well, in this case, Mike's Banquet for work night...ugh. I would much rather spend my "date time" with him, a cocktail (or two) and a inviting atmosphere with good music but his job has other plans for us. Don't get me wrong I am glad he has a banquet for work because that obviously means he has a J.O.B that in return puts money in the bank, allows us to live in an awesome home, pay the bills, enables me to spend money at my favorite places (Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, Goodwill, Starbucks, anywhere that sells shoes & pocketbooks, etc.) and most importantly pays for Brody's daycare two days a week so I can have some sanity. 

I guess I really shouldn't complain but I really do hate (such a strong word) dislike with every ounce of my being, hanging around a bunch of people who "play a part" for a couple of hours. Let's be honest REAL HONEST...are most of you really the same person you are at work!?!? Heck No! Thank God my husband isn't the same man at work as he is at home because I would have never became Mrs. Beemer! 

I was informed that this event was "dressy business casual"....do what? really?? What's dressy business casual? I know what casual, business casual and dressy means but the three together makes no sense to me? So "dressy" being cocktail attire or what? My "dressy business casual" could be completely opposite than another persons idea of "dressy business casual". What to do?

Yesterday I went shopping for this "dressy business casual" affair and I think I needed a shot of patron before entering the store! I was completely overwhelmed and I was still sitting in my parked car in the parking lot. We have already came to the conclusion that it's hard enough finding "normal" clothes for me to wear so now throwing  the whole "dressy business casual" thing on me is taking it (and my anxiety) to another level. After a few deep breaths and a hail Mary I went into Kohhls with my gameface on ready to conquer this assignment.   

As soon as I walked through the glass doors I saw "The Dress"! I couldn't believe it but I was also not getting myself all worked up because I was still 10 feet away and had no idea if they had my size...however, the price tag was clearly visible $59.00 and I really didn't want to spend that but as usual that's the price I pay for my taste. I inched closer and closer and I honestly felt my heart beat through my clothes --- my eyes met with the almighty size zero. Now, I know not to get too giddy because even if it's the size you need it may not fit like the size you need. All the ladies have to know what I am talking about. We are all made different and our busts, waists and hips aren't the same size. We really do have it harder than a man; they buy pieces we buy a "piece". 

I grabbed "the dress" like it was nobodies business and stuffed it in my cart but I vowed to look for other cheaper options. I looked around and around and around. Sure, I found some other options like skirts but I would have to find a blouse to go with it so I was going to end up paying the same if not more than the wonderful garment that I had in my shopping cart. Now it comes all to the final fitting of the garment in the dressing room. Before I even tried it on I called Mike to see if he would mind me spending $60 on a dress because the worst is bringing something home that cost more than he thought it would. I got his approval as long as I didn't have to go out and buy a $50 pair of heels to go with it -- I could do that because I seriously have over 100 pairs of shoes and most of them are heels. I know, I know, I need a shoe intervention. That's another blog post.

I headed to the dressing room with my dream dress and was hopeful it would fit in all the right places. I slipped it on and so far so good, zipped it up and I was intoxicated by joy....the dress was a perfect fit! O.M.G! Now you know the little happy dance you do in the dressing room when something you really love fits, it's okay, you don't have to admit it but I know you do it. I did my happy dance and Brody looked at me and said "Pee Pee in the potty, Momma?". I could have smothered him with kisses because I was on cloud nine and he just says the cutest darn things at the right moments. I love that kid. 

I got myself back to reality and off of cloud nine so I could get dressed and pay for this golden egg I found. If finding the perfect dress wasn't enough it was on S.A.L.E!!!! Does it get any better? The little devil on my shoulder really wanted to go to the shoe department and buy these super hot Candies heels that I saw earlier but I remembered that I made a promise not to buy anything other than the dress and I wanted to prove to Mike that I could do it. I am usually proving him otherwise so this time I wanted to be good for a change :)

This will be dressy enough once I add some sophisticated black heels to it! 

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